Monday, July 16, 2012

1/2 way through Summer instagram update

Summer is half gone already for us.  Cache begins school again August 7th!  So here is our halfway through summer life according to instagram.  I've found myself doing instagram and facebook a lot lately because it's easier and fun but man what a waste of time! ( for me)  Blogs are a way of documenting and recording our life journal in a way.  So I'm re-evaluating my time spent. Less rubbish, more substance.  Hopefully. But  maybe not.

Anyway, summa time according to instagram:

Finishing up the last of spring cleaning...
Washing the Garage Door.  Gage owned this job.
Don't mess with his sponge!
We tried some new Summer hair doos.

 Tire section at Costco, is a must see every time we leave the store.
They just like the smell Cache and Nay say?
Bountiful baskets.  Naomi, squeals and giggles at the site of fruit. 

 Ready for Stake conference....

Debated on whether I wanted a happy but, inappropriate hat  wearing, church going baby or a crying baby sans hat and head band.(above)
Oh happy baby of course. Who cares what anyone else thinks.
Can you blame me?
He sings when he's happy!  Even if it's 6:00 am and wearing a crown...
 Sleepy Sunday afternoons.

I'm not sure how things come about sometimes. 
One thing led to another and.... 
Naked book party.

 No napping in beds only in shopping carts for this gal.
  My control over her or her clothing is very limited these days. Almost non-existent
She is wild and free and girly.  And notice in pictures, only dresses.
 Insisted on the lawn chair being in the truck and him fitting too.
Hard lessons in life to learn.  Such a young age too. 
  I definitely go through stages when it comes to running.  Right now I'm on one. Therapy.  I have been running 3-4 miles on off boot camp days and wishing I could go further but I either have to race back to relieve Devin or if I have all the kids,,,, that is about their time limit. Actually its a bit past their limit, especially when Gage has a stinky diaper.
Naomi gags and CANNOT handle bad smells.  She will insist on walking, but sista we got 2 miles till home and so strap her in kicking and run extra fast . I ran a 7.2 minute mile that day just to get her home. Not bad with a load of kids in tow.
I do feel this running stage slowing down for me as the temperatures climb...
Mu mu's and uggs round town.  Just how this girl rolls.
A common sight round here. My mad health scientist.

 Hiding from the "Under storm"(Nay) at Yogurts with April and McKay
He has mastered a spoon and learned what "yo yo" is. (Cereal)
I love how he opens he's mouth about 10 minutes before his spoon reaches it.
Cutest yo yo eater I've ever seen.
 Also the cutest patient.
When we walk into Devin's office, to bring lunch or just say hi, 
Gage crawls on table and assumes position.
Cracks me up. He loves to be poked and pulled on.

 Costco sushi is a new fav of ours...We consumed a party platter,, 
yup that's right. Party of two.  

So full of fish...
 Grocery shopping is never boring.  
 By Friday, we often end up at Cafe Rio... its like a magnet.
Lightening McQueen and Bo Jackson are Gage's loves of late.
This little book is so cute in his chub a dub hands and he carries it around in his overall bibs.
He points at Bo and says, "Daddy."  Devin enjoys that quite a bit.

Judging from ratio of pictures, you may be thinking I favor my baby over the other two. 
I do.
Actually he just follows me everywhere and the other two run from me... 
 But I do just absolutely adore one year olds.

 Especially when they have a new found love of all things Cars.
First movie I do believe he has ever willingly sat and watched at home.
Found the cover and brought it to me: "WATCH, watch watch watch."
Uncle Joey loves Cars too. 

Our kids enjoy when their Uncle Sam and Joe come through town.
We took them to all our favorite things.
Snow cones

aaand terrorizing stores. 
 I'm pretty sure every time I go places by myself with these guys people are really grateful for their own lives without children.  I like to pretend they are staring at me and following me around to get a better look, because they are really impressed. :)  
Oh boy, oh boy. 
 This summer we are working on listening and obeying the very first time, and also manners in public.
There that should get my documenting up to speed.

Note to self: Only posts left : 4th of July and two trips to Oregon and a car wash that was fun.

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