Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween was great and no major costume meltdowns.  We got Naomi's princess costume all put together/bought/searched for and she decided that her witch costume from last year wasn't as itchy as she had cried so many times about.  She put it on.. and there you go. 
Saturday : Ward trunk OR treat and chile cook off.
I made white bean chile.  True to Amie fashion...  Burnt it. 
 Still tasted just fine.  It didn't win .

 Frazzled from the end of the day rush, getting babysitting kids out the door, burning chili and Naomi's
 costume change... this was the only group picture we got.
I wanted to retake them this weekend in some pretty leaves in pretty light.
NOT happening.  But I can picture it in my mind.  It would be so cute.
 Gage is the Happiest little trick or Treater that ever did live.
He loved his costume and was so excited the whole time getting ready.
I got after him to put his hat back on. Joking of course.
And he put it back on HIMSELF.
Oh we laughed and laughed.

Next up.  "The PrinTHess cowboy witch."

I'm so glad Cache decided to be a fighter jet pilot.
I had no idea how I was going to make a Perry the platypus costume.

At the actual party:
Devin puts more effort/into ACTING the part than dressing the part. 
I really love this man on Halloween. It is where the stark differences in our personality come out.
I wouldn't even roll play if forced too and don't believe I can speak in any accent.  Devin will full on act. Just for fun.  At home he speaks in an accent more than he doesn't. Always different..
Which is why I was disappointed the Cars salesman idea didn't work out.
He was planning on selling stuff to people all night in a Texan accent. And would have.
He also likes to sneakily match me when we go places. It's annoying and endearing at the same time.
This year I had been planning for a while to be witch.  Sooo Devin kept saying he was going to be a 
"Man witch."  Or a "man which."  I wasn't sure. But he ended up making a good cross between them both.

During the evening Devin offered rides. He would get on his broom and encourage everyone to "Hop on!" 
 Most of all me.
I really love this man. He is my biggest blessing.

Sweet baby. Ate more chili and rolls than any of us.
This little purse she insisted on trick or treating with, and insisted it be zipped close between every trunk.
Devin was her "overflow." Or she would throw it on the ground. 
 She likes candy but freely gives it away.
Not like her brothers. Or parents. :)
Trick or treating, fit  right up Nay's alley.  
Collecting anything and everything and putting it in a purse.


{Monday }
Hallows EVE.
A "spoooky" Halloween dinner with all the cousins!
Me and my fellow witchy in law Sara.

We went trick or treating at a retirement home. 
(Nice and warm!)
All of Julie's kids recited scary poems.  Even little Krista!  So good.
We tried to hit up a few houses, but the kids were cold and scared of the decorations!
So we went to about 5 and went home. It was just right.
Twas a happy Halloween.
A few more Halloween portraits.
Above a li'l one I watch.  She is so gorgeous.
Below: Nay chose to wear princess shoes and refused ONE of her socks.

Gage would laugh and laugh every time we put his hat on. He is also mastering walking now! (Not pooping in this picture.) And mysteriously got dressed in the wrong overalls this night. 

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Cindy Spratling said...

You're the prettiest witch I've ever seen! And just when I thought Devin couldn't get any funnier... he goes and dresses up as Manwhich... oh my word...
Claire was very curious about Cache's costume. He looks so grown up and mature :)
Nay is sooo sweet and looks so innocent with her short hair. And what the????? Gage is full on walking!! So cute! Did you get any pictures of him and Danny together? THey were both train conductors, right? MIss you!