Friday, July 8, 2011

 Spratling Family Reunion
2011 Wallowa Lake

Gram and Gramp and their 7 boy's families.
Only missing Mel(had a 5 day old baby) and Ash(on a mission) and Carlee(li'l stinker got a job.)

T'was a rainy, lovely, good eatin, too short, reunion.
I don't think the rain bothered most anyone too much.
After all we were all taught to pray for rain.

And I have always loved rain.
People are the prettiest in the rain.
Just look at my pretty sister and her baby.
This is basically how the reunion went:  Lots and looots of good food.
Adults sat around and talked 
 the kids entertained themselves.
Oh and Grampa went fishing. 
All day.

Go carts still GO in the rain did you know?
 One day the "kids"( a lot of us cousins are adults now) 
meandered down the road and found a basketball court and go carts.
Spratling kids took over the entire track.
It was SOOO funny to watch:

At one time almost all us cousins lived on the farm together.
So we worked together.
And complained together.
Went to church together.
Raided Grandma's basement icecream freezer together.
And so now, naturally, we think the same things are funny.
And we all married extra awesome people..
"No duds yet!"
So yah we have a good time getting back together.

Anyway seeing them all corralled in their cars
  reminded me of the plane ride to Nauvoo 7 or so years ago.
50 seater plane. 40 of which were Spratlings.
Like the plane ride,
There's always one or two "YEEEE Haws!"

Look at Cindy judging Devin's yee haw's..
 Then she got goin....
Sierra had a birthday and all the girls made her a super cute cow/butterfly cake.
 Sierra likes cows.

Danny still is so cuddly with Gage.

 Cache and Claire were with eachother everyminute of every day till late late each night for an entire week.
  They NEVER fought! 
Cache did however have a hard time sharing Claire with Alli.
"They keep runnin and doin STUPID girl stuff and LAUGHING."
he would tell me with disgust.
The best way to describe Naomi and Savannah would probably be 
Grandpa Calvin collecting room keys on the last day.
He and his cute basket tracked them all down.
Wallowa Lake is Devin's favorite place on earth.
So we really loved being there.
Going on some trail runs, looking for waterfalls.
It was Bee-Youu-T-full..
And Like I said: People look best in the rain.
Thank you. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa.
Can't wait 2 years till Yellowstone!

One family reunion down 
2 to go!


Suze said...

Looks gorgeous! And a pretty good time too. :)

MegRich said...

Ummm. That first picture... did you take that? It is absolutely breath taking! What a fun family reunion! Looks like the kids (and adults) had a blast!
By the way, I know I've asked you this before, but now I'm actually in the market for one (thank you tax return!) so I'll ask you again: what kind of camera do you have? And what editing program do you use? I know this is super annoying, but I just love your pictures and have no idea where to start. (You can email me if you'd rather- Thanks Amie!

Amie Orton said...

oh NO megan I did not take the landscape pictures. ( i should specify that huh?) My grandpa's hunting/fishing guide/longtime friend took those and our family picture too. He lives up there by the lake. Sooo pretty huh!

Megan, I have a Nikon d40x. I really do like it. I've had it for 5 years no almost. I take all my pictures NO FLASH and automatic. Because I don't know how yet to use all the bells and whistles. It's SO worth it with kids because it's SO fast so you can catch all their funny faces.
I now use photoshop CS5 to edit my pictures. I don't know how to use it yet either. I just downloaded pioneer woman's photoshop"actions" on photoshop so that makes it easier.
I also have heard elements(photoshop) is super great and lightroom.

ALSO is super super great. And mostly free.

Cindy Spratling said...

Awesome post!!!!!!! It was so much fun, but yes too short! Frenemies is the perfect word. Naomi was the friend and Vanny was the enemy. Little stinker... I have a couple pics of the girlies up in our room playing with dolls while it was raining. I'll send 'em to you. Such a fun reunion! Favorite picture is Grandpa and his basket.

MegRich said...

Thanks Amie!