Monday, July 18, 2011

Orton Family Reunion
4th of July 2011
First Orton family reunion I've been able to make it too since becoming and Orton.

It was weekend full of stick fights, crafts, visiting, camping, smores, hay rides, pony rides, story telling,
 etc. etc etc.
At the end of each day all the kids were covered in dirt, 
exhausted from playing in the cabins and woods all day and just oh so happy.

My nephew's Kaleb and Jack
They would literally just roll in the dirt.
Little Miss Ren (she belongs to Devin's cousin)
I loved her!

 Pat brought with him his mad balloon making skills.
He was just lobbying for the "favorite Uncle" position.
I think he was successful! 
He didn't just make swords but he made holsters for the swords.
Extra extra cool.
Wayne(Devin's dad) hauling a load full of Orton's.
 Sh'more please.

Sunday afternoon, visiting in the meadow.

Let me tell you about our Gage's favorite game...

He sits there all nice and cute.
Then he gets a certain smirk and...
BAM. He's gone!
I call it Geronimo and it is SO SO scary.
He does it unexpectedly ALL the time.
And he thinks it is the FUNNIEST thing ever.
It's actually really dangerous.
Crazy baby.

One evening there was a talent show:
The red writing in the picture says: Shan'L (Devin's cousin) And Shanl's 5 children.
They did the Napoleon dynamite dance and I was truly impressed.

On Monday,we had a smaller reunion at Wayne and Janie's with just Devin's siblings. 
We celebrated America and Kendra's birthday!

Uncle Pat whipped out his balloon making skills again.
Making an extra special birthday hat.

Devin got jealous of all Pat's balloon making and tried to win over his
 nieces and nephews with his own balloon making skills:
Naomi adores her cousin Krista with all her little soul.

Cousin dog pile
Gage and Grampa

Dustin, Klora and Grandpa singing.

The 8/9 year olds with their parrots.

Does this picture say American summer time or what?
4th of July
backyard bbq
checkered table cloth
watermelon and ice cream

And the cutest couple  goes too...

NOPE not us. 
Although I love having a picture of just me and Devin.
We've gone for years without one.

Cute cousin's Dustin and Klora.
They may beat us in the cuteness but we creamed them in the 3 legged race!
 I submit these two mini ladies.
They just killed me with their boots, blankies and princess playing in the meadow.
Sweet summa time.

We are blessed to be Americans!
(And Orton's)


shelly said...

Amy, you're pics are so adorable. What a fun reunion and I want to learn the Napolean dance now. We saw you in sacrament meeting that weekend, but you were on the other side of the chapel and we were in and out with kids and never got to say hello. And finally, I'm lovin' this "Little House" song =)

natalie spratling said...

two family reunions in two month, so great to be with family. I love the last picture of Naomi and her cousin in thier boots, so CUTE!

Cindy Spratling said...

You Orton's (Devin's extended family included) are like a breath of fresh air. Livin' life to the fullest! PS: I vote you and Devin cutest couple! You are such a beauty Amie! Plus, Ben and I think Devin looks like Jake Gyllenhaal

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

I read this post with Danny on my lap. Every time a picture of Cache, Nai, or Gage came up he pointed and then looked at me to say their names. Cute! I love that we knows his cousins. Oh and I love your pictures too.