Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pinky a rinky dink- da- dink. April's shower

As the saying goings...(kinda.)  April's shower will bring Flowers.
And she's going to Name that flower:
Love it.
April's shower was super sweet.  
As it should be.
Apes and her mother dear.

Turns out Devin's cousin Shan'L just happens to be good friends and neighbors with April. 
T'is  a small world is it not?
So Shan'L and her cute daughter's(The family of Napoleon dynamite dancers in previous post.) and Moi,
co-hosted April's shower.

Liiiike 40 people! 
And she's lived here not even a year.
People just love the gal.
The Young Women in her ward did the decorations.
This is what they called the "jelly fish."

Lots of sweet homemade gifts.
These are some of them.

All the women from April's family.
I'm posting it because it's one of the only pictures I got of April.
Fun to finally meet people I've only heard stories about.
Her sister came in from Singapore.
And I loved being mistaken for her sister all evening.
(Something we got very use to in St. Louis.)
"Ah so you HAVE to be April's sister."
Or "so you live in Singapore?"
I'm always tempted say 'YES I'm her sister.'
just cuz I would love to be April's sis.

I thought the food turned out cute.
It was fun but..
Next time I'll just do a bowl of grapes.
(or learn how to delegate.)
Can't wait for l'il Lily to make her debut.


Mindy said...

Beautiful! Haha, yes, delegate for sure! I just threw a baby shower myself and eased up by making it potluck. I still spent the whole prior day getting ready for it.

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Oh my goodness the food table is SOOOO cute!!! You did an amazing job. Just wanted to tell you that. I'm supposed to be writing a talk for sacrament meeting tomorrow right now, so I won't write anymore. But seriously, it looks like something out of a magazine.

The Stronks Family said...

It turned out beautiful.....I bet she was so pleased with everything!!!! I at least know where to come next time I throw a shower for really cute ideas.

Tait said...

Awwhh so cute. When you are that creative and talented you never delegate. You stay up all night and spend all day decorating and placing stuff just right. But its worth it. I love all the pics and April is worth it.

Ashley said...

Great job, Amie! The food turned out so great. Wish I could have been there! We all wish we were April's sister, huh? :-)