Wednesday, July 20, 2011

pink sprinkled cows.

My dad always said Cows bring out the worst in people.
So we never had cows.
My grandpa had cows and they would pasture at our house.
So often we would help .
And I saw what he meant. Those suckers are frustrating, and
thus many a time I witnessed the worst coming out. 
Loudly too.

Crafts are my cows.
They bring out the worst in me.
And thus,
 I'm not aloud to sew or craft while little ears are awake.

Not a problem.
I don't care to make crafty cutesy things ever.
Unless: someone gifts me one(yay!) or it's just an excuse to get together and talk. 
But sometimes things are just worth it.
 Like making someone's day special.
I call these my pink sprinkled cows.
I think they are cute.

My dear long time friend April  is having her first girl!
I am doing all pink food. 
To my surprise they were  fun and easy(my level).
We will do them again and again.
Naomi loves these.
 She told me they were "SO SO toot." 
Then she said they were "booful." Then she hugged me.
Any other ideas for me?
Maybe some NON sugar ?


natalie spratling said...

You could always do strawberries (I know it is red but still girly) maybe even dip them in choc. but then you have sugar on them, which makes them even more yummy. good luck:).

shelly said...

Woah. I want these! I'm already beginning to think of when I can have an excuse to make them!

Amie Orton said...

me too shelly. You can make them for birthdays, say.. a football game on tv. And Cache and Nay helped make them. I made the round ones out of doughnut holes. yah those taste awesome. Kids liked the mallows of course the best.