Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dear Daddy,
I miss you here in Oregon.  Mom thought it would be so easy peasy to be a single mom of 3 for a weekend. She also thinks she's going to take me to some fancy pantsy wedding tonight . Don't worry dad I showed her. Don't be mad. I just wanted to remind Mom that she not such hot stuff without you.

Love,  Louie.

(Devin, this is what happens when everyone and NO one is watching the baby at the same time.
And YES that is permanant ink. You should see my parent's carpet. Eek!)


shelly said...

Good heavens!! I thought it was chocolate batter. At least he looks really happy about it =)

natalie spratling said...

Oh, Amie...Aren't you grateful that your not a single parent and that Grandma's love thier grandbabies.

Bri Nelson said...

I LOVED this post!!!!