Monday, May 23, 2011


Look at my cute seester Ashley. (in the blue shirt)
I miss her tons.
She is a missionary right now in Calorado.
Having the time of her life.
She gets to call home only 2 times/ year.(Christmas and Mother's day.)
So I got to talk to her!
 She is the sweetest thing on the planet.
So all you out there when you see them BE NICE TO MISSIONARIES!
They are good and fun to talk too.
 And they miss their momma's.
So stop them and invite them in of you see them A-walkin.
At least for a drink of water.
And a cookie.. just incase it's my sis. (She loves cookies.)
Miss you Ash.


Zana said...

Yes, that mission looks good on her b/c your seester has gotten cuter since her farewell pics...she's the picture of happiness.
I want to post as regular as you do but I want you to document my life as well as yours, pleeease!
luv your comment b/c I agree, I want playgroup with you in it (we are still liking Reno with all of it's lakes & mountain side) but we still dream of country livin'

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Wow! I just saw your last few posts for the first time, and they are so fun. The dance recital pictures are sooo cute! It made me wish I was there SO bad. Your mothers day looked really fun. That chocolate cake is making me want to ditch my "no deserts 'till the weekend" rule. I love the pictures of Ashley too. She is so beautiful!