Monday, May 23, 2011

The Actual recital

So I had a mother's first.
My daughter's first dance recital.
Fitting it came the same weekend Devin took Cache on a father/son's camp out.
Devin and Cache had a great time(they went with uncle Matt and cousin Kyle so of course)
Naomi and I well...

She made this face  a lot this weekend.
But this was a fun moment.
I let her put on some of my makeup.
I was strangely very sentimental about it.
lip gloss and blush. 
You couldn't even tell.
I was a backstage mom.
Lots of little girls and costume changes.
At one point nearly all of them were crying/yelling, hitting their head on the floor etc.
It was stress full.
And that's how the dress rehearsal AND pictures went.

After that experience, I kept saying: "Dancing will not be part of the Orton family repertoire..."
That evening, magic must have been in the air, because it went perfect. 
Not even a tear!
It was calm.
And they ALL danced and smiled and the audience laughed and laughed.
(Naomi is the pink hankie on the middle left and Cache is right behind her)

Twinkle Twinkle little star dance.
These were the two babies of the group.
1 years old.
I couldn't stand it.
Aren't they so cute?
Bri in the cowboy hat.
 Dance teacher, neighbor and friend.
 Talented and fun gal you are Bri.
The night really was just so fun.
I loved it.
Cache and Sawyer even did their one dance.
Great sports.
They were bribed  rewarded with being allowed to eat as many cookies after wards as they wanted.
 They had a good time together as always.
Such a fun evening!

Devin: "Show me your kick Nay!"

Yee Haw!
Good Job Bri!
It turned out so so good.


Kara and Chant said...

So fun! Naomi is so cute! We started dance with Ainsley before we moved but we missed the recital. I was so sad. It looks so fun! And as always amazing pictures!

Bri Nelson said...

The pictures are adorable!!!! Naomi and Cache did such a good job! lol I love Naomi's personality, she is so cute and funny! I'm glad that you guys all had fun and liked the show.