Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Don't let Me forget...

Cache: "Mom, we are using team work.  (baking cupcakes) I'm really good at team work.
I used teamwork to help Naomi eat all her candy."

During the Hail storm today:
Naomi : (Crying of course)Tash shut it off! It scarry. Tashy peez shut it off.)
Cache: *Gasp* Are we in Bizzouri?  (Missouri)

Sometime in the weee early morning...
Gage (who sleeps in a bassinet next to my bed) starts crying.
I lay there slow to respond, seeing how serious he is about waking up, when a little loud voice RIGHT in my ear:  "It's otay Gage, I'm white here, I'm wite Here."  Yup Naomi was in our bed. Tucked right inbetween us, and I had no idea.  "Nay Nay's tuming Gage, Nay Nay's tuming." But she didn't move.


Unknown said...

I LOVE these stories! How sweet! Nay Nay's tumming!! That's adorable and funny that she didn't move! :)

Unknown said...

The best best best - never forget what they say - you'll smile and laugh FOREVER!!