Monday, February 14, 2011

D A Y!

We got heart attacked! 
We love living by cousins.  We caught Julie and Dylan and families heart attacking us last night. 
Which was perfect because they were whining about seeing their cousins.

So far we've celebrated Valentines day by:
  • Eating giant cupcakes from one of Devin's patient's.
  • Doing Laundry
  • Rocking babies. (I guess he and She needs some extra love on Valentine's day too.)
  • Devin getting his first ticket EVER.(28 years old and first ticket, how can I be bad about that? We both laughed. Oh well.)
  • Making popcorn in my gift from my valentine. :)

I think we'll finish the day by:
  • Doing more laundry
  • Hitting the gym(Valentine's gift to myself)
  • Two candlelite dinners.  The first for my mini valentines:  Happy Meals(thank's G&G Orton) and chocalate covered strawberries by candlelite.  The second dinner will take place at 10:05pm when Devin gets home from teaching his night class: Chicken cordon bleu, twice baked potatoes, asparagus, rolls and a new pair of argyle socks for my most handsome valentine. It's late but at least it will be quiet right? 

That's my Valentine's day plan.
I don't know why I blogged about it.

Hope you all get lots of kisses today.


Karli said...

you are too cute. one of my favorites. which is why we should definitely hang out more often. (:

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Fun day! That is one yummy sounding meal. I bet he will love it. I feel bad for Devin and his ticket. I have never had on either, and I know when the day comes I'm going to be really sad. Happy Valentine's Day!

Jessica Baird said...

What a perfect day! We are also doing laundry as part of our celebration and candle light dinner. I think it would be worth waiting until 10 for your dinner, I'm sure it will be super delicious and romantic. Enjoy!

Ashley said...

Glad to hear my kid wasn't the only one with a happy meal for dinner. Happy Valentine's Day, Amie. I'm so glad we're friends.