Sunday, February 20, 2011


I want to live an extra ordinary life.

I want my boys to be Gentlemen.

I want my girls have a quiet confidence, refined, sensitive, steady and full of love.

I want integrity to be ingrained in our Character. I want it to be inseparable to who my children are.

I want to be Happy.

I want my Children to know God.
I want life to be calm, exciting and fun.

I want my children to never be afraid.
I want my children to make their life exactly what they want it to be.

I want to omit criticizm from our lives completely.

I want them to see the good in everything and everyone and if they can't see it, I want them to believe it's there.

I want my children to like themselves.

I want them to love nature and the sunset.

I want my children to know hard work and to love it.

I want them to always laugh like they do right now.

I want my children to be full of energy, excitement and peace.

{By the way can't you just see on Cache's face how much he LOVES his brother? He really does.}

I want our Life to be Bright.

Like he sees life.

Beautiful and Bright.



Zana said...

Feel like I just won a prize to be your first commenter :) I want to copycat this post but I'll need your help to express the words just right...& maybe I should wait & see if I can get a new baby boy to stick his little tongue out for that perfect picture. You've done a fine job of rounding out his cheeks & creating such an adorable baby face. A fine job indeed :)

Amie Orton said...

Zana, yes copy cat my post! I'm sure I've copy catted yours plenty. At least I copy cat your life, because I think your theee coolest. Can't wait for you to have little Gordon! :)

Zana said...

Just read your comment on my blog...I love chatting through comments, it's easier than email
& Gordon is still on our list & Joseph would be at the top of my list but James says it's too used (It's my dad & brothers name) but I don't love it b/c it's a family name, I love it b/c Far & Away is my favorite movie & I love saying Joseph with an accent :)

natalie spratling said...

This is a perfect! It could be your families mission statement. I love it. I am making your cheesecake recipe for parker's bday, per his request. He loves it. Love you guys.

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

That was like poetry. I loved it : ).

Kasia, Jared, Wrigley, Kobi said...

Post of the year Amie...

sillynicolegirl said...

Amie, I love reading your posts! You have an amazing talent to capture your life and describe it in such a beautiful way! Your kiddos are adorable but then again why wouldn't they be when they have such a purdy momma ;)

Unknown said...

Oh what a treat to read those thoughts while seeing your sweeties snuggling and loving on each other!

Is it not TOTALLY AWESOME to see our children love their baby brother!!!!

I never could have imagined how exquisitely beautiful that feels.

I love how you wrote about what you want. I need to do that. It is so productive to articulate it and commit it to paper.

Thank Thank you - - a few minutes here with you and I just feel inspired and I miss you!

Amie Orton said...

Thank you becca,
I love you litte, i mean HUGE Max too!
MIss you guys.