Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Important Event

We left our two little ones to play in the country with Gram and Gramps, 
Uncle Sam (who has the coolest star war toys)
And Cousin Claire who was visiting from Mesa.
Aaand a few other people in the house too.
And Devin and I headed off to St. Louis so he could


As much as Devin and I crrrave alone time, you never would 
know it, if you would have seen me crying all the way to Hermiston.

But this post is not about me. 
It's about:

(being hooded by the president above}

Just a few of Devin's awesome friends, that made his 3 plus years bearable.
Such great guys (who all had awesome wives!)
They really are great boys,guys I guess I mean men. 
Can you have your doctorate and still be just a boy or just a guy?

Lori and Dan and Drake. 
Came to graduation just to see me. Well and the food.
One of those families I'de put in my "dream team town."
You know if you could ever really just create your own town.
You don't make a list like that in your head?
Thanks for all the advice etc. Lori and Dan.
HEY, I didn't get to say goodbye...
Funnest girl ever.

Now a little letter.

Dear Devin, 

You took my cell phone on accident to work today.
You probably did it automatically because you're so use to be my
second hand and mind.  

but back to graduation,
Sorry my camera went on the fritz RIGHT when you went on stage thus the reason I have a million clear pictures of the bagpipe players and only two blurry ones of you.  
I don't love bagpipes.  
Or kilts. 
Maybe if you wore a kilt... anyway.

Sorry I didn't cheer when you went on stage, as I was trying to video and take 
pictures at the same time AND since no one would let the giant pregnant lady have one of the reserved seats for pictures I had to elbow my way in to even see your face then awkwardly squat in heels (ever tried that?) all the while both cameras kept shutting off. 

Sorry I didn't bring an air horn like the other fans of graduates.  
You deserved an air horn. 

Sorry that after one year on honor roll, red badge and all those other awards they gave out, I quickly put an end to all the "extras that won't matter."  I really am sorry.  Instead you came home for dinner and helped rock crying babies in the night, and put on super hero birthday parties and let me go to young women's and MADE dinner most nights and quit your soccer team to coach Cache's soccer teams and on and on.
You deserve a plaque. Probably the biggest one they make.
I deserve a swift kick in the pants. 

Sorry we saw Trevor at graduation meaning you have to go back in December to 
receive your Master's degree...

Sorry I won't be going with you.

Sorry I had to drink so much 7-up AND your ginger ale on the air plane to keep from throwing up.
Sorry all that sugar I'm not use to made me all swollen and looking like a goober in these pictures. I should've taken all of them with just you. You looked so handsome.  Even if you didn't like the robes and hood.  I did.

Sorry I made you stare at the sun until I had my fill of self timer pictures, where you weren't squinting and I looked descent. Your still squinting Devin.

Enough with the sorry's I am so stinkin proud of you and all you accomplished. You know a better word than proud? Impressed. I'm seriously impressed by you Devin. How you did and continue to do it all with the attitude that you have.  I know I'm not the only one that has made this observation.  Sometimes you seem super human, and I am truly impressed even astonished by you. I am so lucky and I promise you I don't forget it. You're da best!

Good Job Devin.


{To our mom's and dad's: you can click on any of these pictures,
they will open into a new page and be much bigger. THEN save them to your computer. I think.
I have ones of JUST Devin too if you would like.}


Kara and Chant said...

Congrats Devin! That was such a sweet post! It is amazing all that they do at school and then on top of that everything at home. I know I could never do it. He is a hard worker and always had a smile. He was a great example to us and a great home teacher too. We are so happy for you guys that you are moving on with the next phase. Yay! But we do miss you! And you looked great BTW.

Cindy Spratling said...

Amie, you are so good with words. You and Devin are both lucky people, to have each other :) Way to go Devin AND Amie! Love you guys!

Erin said...


Thanks for saying hi! Of course I don't mind. My favorite lens is the canon f2.8 24-70. I use it pretty much always. Although with the kitty pics, I happened to have my 85 on there. (f1.8 85mm) Those are the only two that I own. I am not a major lens changer, I'm too lazy... :) I ALWAYS shoot in manual.. Gives you way more control. If you don't know how, I would definitely recommend learning. It's not too hard if you do it a lot!

Hope that helps. Congrats on the graduation! How exciting!


KevandChels said...

You DID IT! Congrats to the whole family. I'm pretty sure you're both super human:)

sillynicolegirl said...

Congrats Devin!!! What a HUGE accomplishment!

How are ya feeling Amie? Im sure it felt sooo good to be home for a bit. Hope you and the kiddies are well.

Mindy said...

A HUGE Congrats to you BOTH!! And I think you're right, guys with doctorates have to be called "Men" now. :)

Crystal and Billy said...

Congrats! And by the way, you look great Amie!

Crystal and Billy said...

Congrats! And by the way, you look great Amie! You make pregnancy look GOOD!