Sunday, August 15, 2010

Finally home for Harvest.

I can't remember the last time I've been home for harvest. It is a very busy/exciting time at home, Plus my sister was in town making a wedding cake all week, so I thought I would just plant myself in the middle of all the chaos and get in the way.  :)  It was fun.

Brother Joey brushing his teeth.  They are long days out there in the field and you never know when a lady visitor is gonna come ride along :)
Joey was Cache's favorite person to ride with.

And that's my dad talking on the CB.

Baby brother Sammy asleep on the job. 
 Just waitin for someone to need a road stubble busted.

Let me just tell you about what happened right as I took this picture below:  I'm in the grain truck riding with Joey on the nice stubble busted road, when suddenly he sees my dad's auger is out on his combine(that means I'm super SUPER full get here NOW.)  So see those nice lines in the field?  Well if you drive WITH them it's pretty smooth.  If you drive straight ACROSS THEM you have to literally push against the ceiling to keep yourself in your seat and to keep your head from hitting the ceiling.  Well  when the auger is out You get there the fastest way, WHO CARES if there's a 8 month pregnant girl in the passenger seat.(i'm referring to ME.)   She's can have the baby but don't let the combine spill any grain!  And that is exactly what my 17 year old brother did. 
as FAST as he could.
I was seriously afraid my water would break.
But it didn't.  
I sent Cache out to the field the following days WITHOUT me.
He loved going out and riding with the his uncles.
 Grandma would pack him a little lunch just like the guys.
Always he would get a pudding or twinkie with his lunch.
He thinks his Uncles are the so super cool. He even often refers to my parents
as his "uncle grandma and grampa."
Cache is a lucky boy.

The guys complain a lot about harvest, but I know they really actually feel so good at the end of a long days work.  I can tell.  Their days start at 5:30am and we would have dinner ready for them around 9:30pm.  My dad never complains.  But it's a long day for a junior high kid, so I'll give Sam a break.
My uncle Tim took this picture of my dad.  I don't ever stay out late enough to see the sun go down.
I'm a baby.

Sunday evening behind our house my dad did his version of family home evening:  Bottle rockets.

SUPER powered bottle rockets that is.

Here is the air compressor that fueled the rockets.
I didn't know they MADE air compressors that big.
Or even WHY you would need one that big.

 Evidently to shoot off bottle rockets. 
 (And occasionaly blow out the grain elevator)

 Cache was a little young (Or too light weight)to shoot a rocket, but he helped Uncle Nick and Uncle Joey look for a long lost rocket in the wheat field.

Below Ash is showing us how excited she is about Family Home evening Dad style.
We tried to think of a good moral/lesson to go along with the activity.
No one could think of one.
Except: Bottle rockets are fun!
And that's how we roll at the Spratling house.

The week ended in Weddings!
I love weddings. 
Below is my sis. Sarah's half done wedding cake.
She is getting Amazingly GOOD at making cakes.
Well I think so.

Devin and I took off for a quick trip to Gresham Oregon for my good high-school friend, 
Chelsie's wedding. This is why I love being close to home!
She was so beautiful. And I got to see about 20 friends from home.
So happy for her. And so happy for me to see how happy she was.

And while at home I took a few pictures of my sis Ashley to turn in
for her mission papers. She turns 21 in September and decided to go!
 Where in the world will this beauty go?
Where do they send pretty missionaries? 
Somewhere safe I hope.

I LOVE being close to home.


Kara and Chant said...

It is so good to hear you are doing well. I am looking forward to the time when I will be close to home too. My nephew spoke in church yesterday and he leaves for his mission to Chile Wednesday. I am so sad I missed it. But then I think "I won't miss the next one." I put Brinnley on the bus about 40 minutes ago for her first day of school. Needed a distraction so I wouldn't cry. Thanks for being a pleasant one. We miss you and Brinnley misses Cache. Glad he's having fun though!

shelly said...

They send pretty ladies to temple visitors centers. Not that I'm pretty, but I got to go to L.A. temple visitors center and heard they really do send the pretty ones there =) I was totally out of place!

And we're always having to come up with reasons for why we do different mutual activities and I always say that it builds unity among the girls. Bottle rockets would totally fit under that category! Family unity =)

Final note--that cake rocks!!!

As always, thanks for sharing. Your blog is fun to read!

Tait said...

I love the cake its so retro...And your sis is beautiful..I thought when i was younger only ugly fat girls went on missions..then I moved to MO and half the ladies in the ward went on missions and they are not ugly or fat..My views have changed.

Zana said...

Coolest harvest pictures. How lucky your brothers get to work on a real farm these days...James may have not liked it while he was growing up but once you leave it, there is nothing in the world that can top it, he still longs for it.
How long do we have to wait to hear where she will be landing on her mission!? A mission is like pregnancy news...I'm always so excited to hear of other people doing it :)

do we have to wait a whole month before we hear whether you're having a boy or girl? I'm so impatient.

Cher said...

I love your posts...all of them:) Miss you tons.

natalie spratling said...

Amie, you made Bruce homesick. I love the pictures of harvest. My 20 years in the family and I have never been home to Oregon for Harvest. I know I would have to perform a job while I am there. Maybe I could join you as the farm photographer or sandwich maker. I am glad you did not go into labor. I hope to meet up with you guys soon, I'll know we'll be in Oregon over Christmas. Ashley looks beautiful I can't wait to see where she will serve my guess is Italy. Sidney says Austria.

Unknown said...

YEA! Amie! I remember how much you missed being there last year!