Sunday, August 8, 2010

something I want to remember...

I had a bad day the other day. 
We all do. I know.
 Well the last straw was burning dinner.  The chicken breasts were SO burnt that they were the size of I don't know a large tootsie roll?  
And some of the pieces were even gone,  burnt to Ash.  This resulted in me sinking down onto the kitchen floor bawling. 
 I know, dramatic. 
Now my kids have seen me mad plenty and even maybe a bit teary, but this may have been a first for them to see me in such a bawling way and it bewildered them. 
Here's what happened:

Cache: Looked at me confused: "What is wrong?" 
 I just cried thinking of all the things that happened that day that I couldn't relay to a 4 year old and said: "I don't know, I guess I just burnt the chicken." And yes I kept bawling.  Then he began pacing back and forth, back and forth in front of me taping his chin. Finally he stopped and looked at me with big eyes and smile and said: "I know MOM! It's okay you burnt the chicken!" 
Me: "I Know"  (as I continue sobbing)
so then Cache repeats himself LOUDER and MORE excited.. trying to pull me out of it with his excitement. 
"MOM it's OKAAAY you burnt the CHICKEN!"

Naomi:  Assesses the situation and takes off.
 She returns with her blankie and puts it on my shoulder.   She then squats down as if I'm smaller  than her, raises her voice to an even higher pitch than normal and while patting my shoulder: "Okay mommy? ya? ya?" She is trying really hard not to cry herself. But as I keep crying she stands up trying to fight back tears, then she squats back down. And again in her high voice:  "A cheese mommy?  Ya cheese?"  
Between the two of them, I start laughing. 
Which  totally scares Naomi and really made her cry.
 So she snatched back her blankie. 
She had a good cry while I laughed and cradled her. 
 The offer of cheese was just too much for me to keep crying.
  I felt bad for scaring them so much.  But it taught a little bit about their personalities 
AND also US as parents since they were both mimicking in their own way things we do to get them to stop crying....  

Anyway here's some pics of our evening walk.
Nay of course picked out her outfit.  
Meh who needs pants anyway?

Nay ONLY likes to hold fingers, NOT hands... I'm not sure why.


Kara and Chant said...

I so wish I had had you take our family pictures before you moved because you are an amazing photographer! Love them! Sorry about your bad day. Prego hormones were probably to blame :) Hope all is going well for you!

Megan said...

Today was my bad day but you just made me laugh. Thanks.

Crystal and Billy said...

Cheese? That cracks me up.

Cher said...

You guys make the cutesy kids withe the cutesy personalities! Are you sure you don't want t o come and visit? ;)

natalie spratling said...

What compassionate little darlings you have, they take such good care of their mom. Cache's comment is just what Devin would say:) I love that Naomi thinks cheese will make it all better...maybe it does and I have been missing out all of these years. Maybe I'll try it:) love you guys.

Meg said...

It's so nice to know others have crappy days and that all is not like a fairy tale in blog land. I'm sad you had a bad day though. They are not fun. Your kids are great for being so concerned. My kids never seem to be phased when I cry. Maybe they are use to it? I don't cry THAT much. Hope your future days are better.
Miss you.

Zana said...

I just love that nay has the option of choosing cowboy boots out of the closet, does that mean thomas could be wearing dress up shoes on our future walks?

By the way...your good cry was not over the chicken. It was the fact that you are stuck being prego & you don't get a break...just 2 weeks ago gathered w/my sisters & mom we each shared a memory or two of breaking down & bawling during each pregnancy. They are only fun to tell when your not prego :)

I sure love reading your life stories & wish to drop off some cookies to you!!!

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Pants are SO overrated!! Love your stories. And your kids. Keep them all coming :)