Sunday, May 2, 2010

When Cache was a babe, he had a bath every night and was most always presentable.
  Now I only have ONE more and sometimes bathe 2 times/day
but I find myself in public places all the time and
 look down at my children and think :  
"How did you get so dirty?" 
"Who dressed you?"

OH well they are happy.
We'll keep working on the clean.

SIDE NOTE: Nay's most common used phrases these days are amusing to us and I think adequately reflect being a product of this particular Orton house hold:

I Hungee.
Knock. Knock!
Pocky. (popcorn)
 As she drags the popper around the house trying to find
 someone to pop some popcorn for her.


kri66 said...

I only have one and that happens a lot. Should I be concerned?

Where are you going to live? Did you take my advice? What is your number now?

Cindy Spratling said...

Nays's hair is looking like some curl is showing through! My favorite is her pot belly. I always think a child with a messy face (especially because of an ice-cream cone) is a happy child! Ooo, how I wish I could squeeze that face!

Aubrey said...

so cute... I love the popcorn fetish... I too have a thing for air popped popcorn.

Jenni said...

I totally agree! And add that I often look at myself asking the same question, how did I get so dirty? Oh yeah, those little kiddos and their grubby fingers...have to love them though! And usually grubby fingers mean food which definitly makes them happy!