Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just found this picture below on an old camera card. 
 Cache took it of us on Valentine's day.
I laughed when I saw this picture because little did I know in this pic that  
somethin was a brrrrewin

Brewin in the belly... :)

we found out that evening.

{20 weeks}

We were and are feeling: excited,thankful,nervous,anxious and very surprised.

Babies don't come easy peasy as planned for me, so we were hoping, but it didn't happen and the time came that we realized the timing would be very stressful and complicated to have one directly after graduation.  So I began to have a new dream. One that involved me with just my two children that I'm in love with.  A couple more years of good night's rests, running a trail-running race and maybe a trip to Disney world...
Yes I could be very happy without another baby. So we changed our hopes and aspirations for the next couple years.

But then I was reminded as I am quite frequently these days,
I am not in charge.

In the end I am always so thankful that things
didn't go according to MY plan.
In the END i said.

We were in disbelief. No really, even after several positive tests Devin
 hugged me, not to celebrate but more to console me, and kindly reassure me that other factors medications etc. 
caused a false positive test. :)

I think more than anything we were afraid to both
be terribly disappointed if it weren't true.
But then we saw that little person waving it's arms at us
at my very first appointment.  Almost to say: HeySEE me? I'm HERE!

Devin finally gave me the congratulations hug after the doctor left, and 
took me out to lunch.

At about the same time all of our loved one's and friend's lives 
began falling apart.  All at once.  I have never felt so much
heart ache for one person let alone four different loved ones.
Never. Not even for myself.

So we were too scared to even accept or speak our little 
happiness, for fear it would be taken away.
So we said nothing to anyone(really, my mom found out like last week!)
 and at each doc appointment
I prepared myself for the worst.

Why should I be so extra blessed at the same time others 
blessings were being taken?
But I'm coming to terms and feel that Heavenly Father loves us all the
same. He takes care of all his children and will always in his
own special, perfect way.

So I now can be more open with my thankfulness.
Plus I can't hide it anymore. 
The future of our little family is so up in the air right now
and the baby just adds to the party in our minds
as we try look at all the puzzle pieces floating in the air that need 
to land, connect and make a pretty picture...

Where will we live?
What state will this baby be born in?
Who and when will buy our home?
Will this baby ever uncross it's legs so we can tell what it is?!
Will I find a doctor so late in my pregnancy?
Will the baby be okay?
Will Devin work for someone or start his own practice?
How do you start your own practice?
What is that weird smell in our house this week?

on and on and on...

But  I am THRILLED to meet this new little one. 
I can't even imagine what this new one will be like.  
After all who could ever imagined a personality like 
this one:

Or really even this one:

(Cache's was a pilot last week. A new character.)

Or what they would be like together!

I guess we'll just WAIT and see. 

Liiike everything ELSE in life right now. 


Angela said...

What?????? You are 20 weeks pregnant? You totally hid that one well:) We are so so excited for you, keep having babies. Tight hugs from far away.

Angela said...

Oops, I'm on Angela's computer. Love, Cherisse

Hanna said...


Kev and Chels said...

Awesome post! An official congratulations from us:) You look GREAT! and are such a beautiful woman, pregnant and not. Such a crazy time of life...so many fun changes, if you can put aside some of the stress involved and enjoy it:) Know how you feel, although we don't have quite as many changes coming. I also know what you mean about feeling comfortable with two. Even though #3 was planned, I'm starting to feel like things are going so great right now, we have things down, and we're about to stir things up big time:) Ah well, i guess disney can wait.

shelly said...

Congratulations! You have such a way with words and pictures and I'm seriously tearing up from reading this post. Best wishes with your pregnancy and all the other questions in the air (like so many of us =)!

Chong said...

Congratulations you guys! I can't believe you are already on your third...I'm far behind!

Kara and Chant said...

Oh, reading this makes me anxious for all the changes coming for us. I guess we don't have to worry about the baby one though :) and we've got more time. But still, change is stressful. I know things will work out for you and everything will fall into place. You are an amazing family and I admire you a lot. I wish we had had you take a few photos of us. You are an amazing photographer!

Michelle K. said...

Congrats Amie! That is so great. Things will all fall into place. Babies come when Heavenly Father wants them to, and I guess this was the time. I love how your kids' personalities shine in every picture you take of them. You have a great family.

Unknown said...

Amie! Congrats! I'm so excited for you and know that this truly was meant to be. Heavenly Father knows you are a great mother and trusts you with his children. He will take care of all the small worries. He always has and always wll. We just have to trust Him!

lindsy said...

Hi Amie =) I'm Kiley Baxter Morrison (you know...)'s sister. Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS! That's exciting. I really appreciated your post. I love following your blog. Good luck with everything you guys have coming up. You guys have a neat family =)

Lisa F said...

Congrats Amie! It's amazing how things will just fall into place though if it's meant to be! I LOVE your blog! Lisa (Preston) Foust

Alison said...

Congratulations!!!! I am so excited for you. It will all work out, it always does :) Keep us posted on all the new and exciting news!!

Lori said...

The second that baby is born you won't be able to remember what life was like without them in your lives. Everything is going to be answered in time...but isn't it hard waiting. I know you will be taken care of because what comes around goes around and you are awesome people. Congrats!

Cam and Mary said...

Congratulations! It seems that things often change when you think you have it all figured out. You are beautiful pregnant! (Well, you always are!) :) Good luck with all of these new adventures!

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Hey sis, I was beginning to think you weren't going to post about this! I love he pictures of your tum tum. I've too have been thinking about how cannot POSSIBLY imagine what this baby will be like! I can't wait to find out!

Cindy Spratling said...

You always say things the perfect way. I love ya Amie. Thank you for posting pics of you. Those are my favorite.

Ashley said...

Congratulations again, Amie! You are such a great mom, that baby is so lucky. We love you guys so much and wish you the best of everything.

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Holy cow I just read the comment I left you, and I can't believe all the typos I made! I was typing with one hand and holding a squirming Danny in the other. Woopsy.

MegRich said...

Hooray! You look so beautiful. And you write so beautifully too. Can't wait to see another one of your kiddos- they turn out so cute!

sillynicolegirl said...

Oh WOW!!! What exciting news! How are you feeling? You look fabulous! I am so thrilled that you are adding to your super cute family...what a blessing :) Take good care!!

Zana said...

I knew even before you knew but I just kept quiet about it so that you could rejoice first! :)

So happy for your family...YAY!

Kasia, Jared, Wrigley, Kobi said...

wait...what? You are pregnant? You guys need to keep having kids. Look at the ones you have!

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

HOORAY, HOORAY, HOORAY!!! I got your cryptic message on my blog and came STRAIGHT to yours! I hate moving, I get so far behind and I miss announcements like this one! I LOVE YOU and I'm SO excited for you!! We'll definitely be stopping by Boise :)

Phoenix said...

You make me cry sometimes... I love it... so glad we have opportunities to help humble us and make us feel loved. Life really is amazing and it is amazing how unexpected things can change everything! This is such great news! I love you little Lou! And PS... thanks for inspiring this years Halloween- you know how I am always thinking what we will need to be each year. This year I think Will just might have to be big blue and hairy, me green awkward with just one giant eye, and Elsie can star as BOO! No one has ever said that and then you did and a couple other people did and so I thought that is the perfect theme for our Halloween bliss! Now for my creative juices to flow so I can create just the perfect costumes! love you Krista