Wednesday, July 15, 2009

busy. rambunctious. loud.
All words used to describe Naomi lately. I still haven't unloaded last weeks pictures from Sarah's visit yet, but while you are waiting here are some pictures and video from our little camera. All of little Nay. She is just very entertaining these days. She still yells all day every day, happy or sad or bored except when Aunt Sarah is around. She is like a baby whisperer or something! Devin and I both had to teach the 3rd hour of church so Sarah took on Naomi duty. My jaw about hit the floor when Sarah came out of the relief society room with a sleeping Naomi in her arms on. That has NEVER happened. Well she proved it wasn't just a fluke when she accomplished the same feat the next two days in a row. Lulling Nay to sleep, even without a pacifier! I took a video of it just for proof.

OH we love this babe!

In 30 seconds she was sound to sleep. Excuse Naomi's diaper showing, she tries to rip the snaps open. She impossible to keep looking nice for very long. But anyway, I've tried this on Naomi since Sarah has left and she just scrunches up her nose and screeches, arches her back and hits my hand out of the way. MEH. oh well.


Zana said...

So does Naomi like the water or does she just not like wet buns...too cute that girl.
I love surprise visits from sisters so I am patiently waiting for pictures:) Sisters are like Supernannnies! (is that one word?)

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

He he. This sake trick work on Nick everytime. I miss you guys!

Mindy said...

Ohhh, what a sweet video! I love babies at that age. Sweet Naomi. Sweet Sarah, that baby whisperer. Don't you know it's a law mommies can't be a baby whisperer to their own babies. That would just make life too easy. :)

I love love how chunky Naomi is! What a cute baby!