Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Devin had a late night at school yesterday, so I found myself watching this show. I only caught two acts,
the clogging moms from Utah. Love those Utah girls! And this guy below, who I'm a bit
embarrassed to admit, made me tear up a bit! haha! I loved it. enjoy!

Just another thought: In college, I don't know if this was just a BYU thing, but there were ALWAYS ALWAYS guys that would come over to our apartment and any girls apartment for that matter, pick up the guitar and sing and play it for like HOURS. We would be doing dishes, talking on the phone, or having a party, but there they would sit, seranading themselves. Sometimes I would try to strike up conversation, with them, thinking they were lonely and just needed company, thus using the guitar for an excuse to sit on our couch, but I was usually quickly interrupted by their "lyrics" that they re wrote themselves or worse, up would come the
one index finger that meant, "wait a second, wait I'm trying to find my note, and hear how awesome I sound." It was my biggest pet peeve. I was a big stinker sometimes (my roommates were well aware of) and I hid my guitar along with my roommates guitars. It was funny to see the guys come over and pretend to make conversation while looking over their shoulder for the guitar. Finally when they would ask, I would say something like. "OH guitar? we don't
have one of those." Or one time I even snuck the guitar out of the living room, while the guy set in down momentarily to go answer his cell phone. I pretended I had no idea what he was talking about when he he came back in to look for it. Well anyway my point is, if this guy(in the video clip) came over and played his guitar, I would have probably sat at his feet and and said: "Another another!"


Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Couldn't have said it better myself.. AMEN! I also caught the last few acts. I loved it when David Hasselhoff said "Everyone from Utah has the same smile.." Good, clean living.

Michelle K. said...

That is our pet peeve too! That is so funny that you mentioned that. I think it is a Utah thing. Those guys thought that they could swoon you with their guitar playing. Usually it is just lame! Funny!

Unknown said...

I don't normally watch that show but we saw him and thought he was awesome!!! Now I want to continue to watch to make sure he wins! Ha!