Saturday, June 6, 2009


Things to remember about Naomi at 8 months:
Nicknames: Nemo, Nay(many times pronounced "NNNEIGH!" Like the horse noise), Nanners, Nanny, Nanny Noogets(she's always got a nooget in her diaper, ALWAYS.) And also Nanny Nanny Nooners...Why? I don't know.

17 lbs

Clothing size:
0-3 months and 6 months

Favorite foods:
avocado, mango, bananas and cheerios. Also most things she'll eat if cinnamon is added!

Frozen peas are a bother to her. She gets angry when they are on her tray and will throw them while screaming.

Special talents:
Doing the "inch worm" crawl. Flapping her arms and talking like an E-wok(star wars) and making Cache run as fast as he can (away ) when she screams at him for taking her toy.

Favorite things:
MOM, her silky pillowcase, sleeping on her left side, buttons and tags on shirts, the real car keys(plastic ones won't do) and a Slinky! Also having dad lay his head on her lap so she can scratch his head.

Teeth so far:

Future predictions by her parents: We think she will be detail oriented, possibly left handed and really silly.




Here is a picture of Naomi 8 months ago.
She may wear the same clothes as she did then, but that doesn't mean she isn't growing up!



Kara and Chant said...

Cute pictures. She is a doll!

Cam and Mary said...

I can't believe she still wears 0-3month clothes! Hudson maybe wore them for a month! :) She's beautiful!

Cindy Spratling said...

Sniff sniff, I wish I could see her growing up in person. She is too precious. I love these pictures. That is so funny that she gets mad about peas. Savannah doesn't like them either. But she loves mashed bananas. I haven't tried avacados yet. I'll have to try it soon. I can't beleive she doesn't have teeth yet. Savannah has 4! Not good for nursing, but good eating finger food :)

natalie spratling said...

Oh, she is soooo sweet. I am of course adding these pictures to my pictures. So fun to see her grow. I am like Cindy, though, I wish we could see her in person and kiss those cute chubby cheeks.