Sunday, June 7, 2009

Big week for kids=new running shoes for me.

So here is our week in review:
-Naomi turned mobile, learning to employ her toes and elbows in prepelling her self round the house. Now we have to baby proof everything,keep the floors swept and throw away(when Cache's back is turned) All toys smaller than my pinky.

-The same day, Cache asked for his training wheels off, and now he can go A LOT faster than I can. Such freedom for 3 year old is scary for a me as a mom, Especially since he is a very independent(and social) little fellow already. I have given him the "A stranger will take you." scare. But to no avail, Cache will not be convinced that a stranger could possibly get passed his light saber. And if he doesn't have his light saber? Well then "i'll just pooch them with my big muscles." So now with these two new developments, I need a few more prayers and a new pair of running shoes.

And two days later he's gotten it down a bit better.

-And i almost forgot: Devin and I got to go out on a date! It's been a long LONG time, and we were more than extatic to be childless for a couple of hours. Thus displayed in our self timer picture. We are squatting to get low enough to be in it.. so we look like poopers or something. HA!
We went to applebees and spent a gift card Devin recieved from one of the kids he coached this soccer season. Free meals always taste better! Then we went walked off dinner at a convent,,, I felt a little tresspassy, so we went and finished our walk at a store shopping for jewelery, shoes and cologne. Bought nothing, but came home smelling great, or at least smelling stong! haha. It was so fun being alone. We decided that we need to get out more. Alone. With eachother. :)


Cher said...

Way to go Cache, just don't tell Dallin that you are three and you learned how to ride a two-wheeler:) The pictures of Naomi didn't show up on my google reader but (I don't have to say it) she is beautiful.

Kara and Chant said...

Wow, no training wheels! That's great! Nice to get out alone isn't it!

Cam and Mary said...

How fun! You look so pretty in that pic! We don't get out much by ourselves either, but I love when we do! It really is so good for you as a couple and I feel like a much better mom when I come back!

natalie spratling said...

way to spend some time together. I love the picture of the two of you. crouching and all. Also love sweet Naomi's 8 mo. pictures..yes I saved them on my computer along with the other fabulous pictures of your sweet family. love you guys.