Saturday, June 20, 2009

I will give you a candybar if you can watch this without a shedding one tear. (a joyful tear!)
thank you ann for sharing this with us.

(I'm posting a father's day post tomorrow, so I can not ignore Devin on this father's day.)


Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Ah, man.. I wanted a candy bar. Didn't make it. Beautiful, huh?!

Kara and Chant said...

That was amazing. Thanks for sharing. No tears came out but my vision did get a little blurry ;)

Zana said...

I lost it...pregnancy hormones don't help.

Hetal Patel-White said...

Oh I love all your posts! What wonderful things you say, and love the pictures. You should write a book! How are things going? How is Logan? We miss seeing you guys, you two are such amazing people. I still have my note you wrote me from church, brought it with me to the island :) Sorry to ask this again, but a couple months ago you sent me some site's for photography that you use, and I can't find the names anywhere. Could you send them to my email when you have a chance?

Love ya guys, tell your hubby and kids hi for us.