Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just some videos for the Grandma's. Well actually the first one is for Sam and Joey

These videos are long, and out of order. So only family will probably appreciate them.

I've been told on many occasions during Cache's short life:
"That kid is ALL boy if I've ever met one."
Then they usually shake there head as if to say:
Here is Cache proving all these people right:
**the second part of the movie, Cache is: "kicking ghostiz" (ghosts)

** forewarning, some of these are long long long and probably only entertaining to us and Grandmas that haven't seen grandkids in awhile.

This video is for Ben and Cindy who always call to see what
we are doing on the weekends, and even though they are in Arizona, ask:
"You guys wanna hang out tonight?"

Well guys, this movie will cure you of that... we are pretty lazy and boring.


Cindy Spratling said...

THANK YOU AMIE! You should posts movies like this on all the time! Ben and I sat here and watched them this evening with big huge smiles :) Cache is a hoot! Next time film you too! Love you guys!

natalie spratling said...

It was fun to see the kids:) and Devin. I agree with Cindy, next time turn the camera on you for a sec. It's always fun to see you guys. Love you guys.

Cher said...

Oh my, that was worth watching the whole way through, there were so many gems in there. Oh give him and "Na" big hugs and kisses, they are so cute.

Whetton Family said...

Well, Jer and I found those pretty entertaining. And they must not have been long enough, because as I am writing this he is asking me if we can watch it again. I didn't know that you guys went to Arkansas. I can't wait to see pics. I really want to go shopping with you in the wee hours of the morning. I will give you a call when I get back to the STL.