Friday, February 13, 2009


cache and i made some valentines in the form of cookies this year.
it took us the entire day and part of another to make them. is this normal? because it seemed way outta line to me for something to take this long. course, i've never been good in the kitchen anyhow.
we decided that pajamas and aprons were a good choice of outfit to bake in. so we didn't change till bedtime, into another (less flourery) set
of pajamas.
cache decided to taste his valentine while I was in the bathroom. i guess that's
one way to insure no one else will eat it.. well and his name. doink

{confession: i did stage naomi's flour on her face. cache rubbed some all over her face, i got upset, then realized it really wasn't hurting her, and was kinda cute, so i put some back on yes just for a cute picture.}
I love Naomi in this picture with her little orange.
oh man i just realized Naomi is still in her Jammies today too. someday i'll get things together.
at least they are cute christmas jammies from grandma Carla.Photobucket
we have no CLUE where cache picked up giving the peace sign.
but when i say "smile cache" he often adds that in, love it.
Happy Valentines day you guys!
{may you all receive lots of kisses this year}

Devin changed the playlist in honor of valentine's day. that's his contribution to the blog:)


The Stronks Family said...

I just have to say that your cookies are very cute and also to your question of is this normal? Nothing is normal when you have children. Things seem to take twice or triple the time. I'm impressed that you even took on the activity. Happy Valentines to you all. Luv the Christmas Jammies!

Zana said...

You just won the sweetest comment award:)
So Naomi is no longer an infant...when did that happen? We'd like to invite ourselves over for some Valentine cookies & chat about how you had too much fun hanging out with your family!

Dave & Colette said...

Happy Valentines!
What wonderful memories! Making cookies with Mom in your jammies.
Happy Valentines Day!!!!
I love you!
Such cute babies!

natalie spratling said...

Love, love, love the entry, the pictures of the sweet kiddos, the cookies and of course Devin's contribution of the music. Yes everything does take twice or three times the normal time (whatever normal time is) to do anything with little ones that's what makes those moments "cherished memories". When you look back you will love that you photographed those memories. I love looking back at the kids first year albums. Scary that almost 12 years has past.

carrie said...

I completely understand! It takes me forever to bake anything in the kitchen, let alone decorate it. But all that work looks like it payed off they look delicious.

Cindy Spratling said...

Sometimes I wish I could be a kid in your family :) You are such a good mommy, and I LOVE days when we never get dressed! Those are my favotire days! Okay, I also love the post about the wedding and how you described your feelings about being home and missing Devin. My heart just aches that we can't all live closer. Some day... some day! love you and miss you.

Cristiana L. Nogueira said...

Espero que se lembre de mim... Fui a primeira pessoa que você mostrou o evangelho quando você começou sua missão. Eu morava em Londrina e nos reencontramos em Bauru tempos depois.

Fico feliz em rever você e saber que está bem e super feliz com uma familia linda.

Eu ainda espero por meu eleito... Planejo adotar uma criança se eu não me casar. Fiz minha investidura tem alguns anos. To morando na bahia e fazendo mestrado em historia da arte.

Espero que fique feliz por mim.

Estou feliz por você.

Obrigada... por tudo!

Cristiana L. Nogueira said...

Estou tendo um pouco de dificuldade em escrever pra voce porque meu "forte" é frances e nao ingles... Enfim, desculpa por voltar mas se você usar MSN, pode me adcionar( assim poderemos conversar on line e com web cam.