Wednesday, February 18, 2009

shushi = love

I've never taken so many pictures just
for Valentines day, but here's some more:

Well turns out that love pays huge dividends. Mine is in the form of Sushi! Who REALLY wants chocolate for valentines day when you can have California rolls made by Devin ?


we must take pictures when sushi is made. After all it is quite the effort to make them, and they are gone faster than you can say BOBSYOURUNCLE. plus i think they are kinda perdy.

Our ward threw a Valentine's Lua dinner, dance and show.

Amazing food(seriously amazing, Becca tell your husband, everybody was just drooling over his bbq pork skills. Where were you guys?) A great show with Hawaiin dancers and singers, who reminded me of my grrrandma. Then we all boogied down,, good times were had and many good outfits were worn.
We almost didn't attend, because I wasn't excited about leaving Cache and Naomi at the babysitter, but we compromised, left Cache and brought the babe. I'm So glad we went. Naomi had a good time and sported her valentine outfit.



Zana said...

Tessa saw the picture of the sushi plate & asked if we could make that Valentines cake next year so can we borrow Devin & his skills to make us a sushi cake:)
They do look better than chocolate!

Elisabeth said...

I've REALLY been wanting to make sushi.. Tell me your secrets!! I LOOOOOOOVE California rolls. And I love you. What a cute mom you are :)

Cher said...

I admire you guys for eating sushi, I just don't think that I can palate it. They do look pretty though? Oh and as soon as I decide my secret giveaway, I'll send you one too:) just because I love you so much!

Mardee Rae said...

Uh, sushi makes me gag, but you are right, it is beautiful and worthy of pictures. That looks like it was so much fun! And all the pictures that you take/edit are so gorgeous. You HAVE to teach me. Yes, we can't wait to meet your hilarious Cache (love the peace sign), and little Naomi, too. Did you say April? Yes--let's plan it.