Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have been a little anti blog here since coming back to Missouri. I really didn't take many pictures, because I feel a bit dorky sometimes with my
big camera, and I wanted to be an attentive matron of honor.
Now I'm totally regretting it.

But anywho. I am now ready to update you on the fabulous wedding.
Jennifer was such a fun, happy, relaxed sweet bride. She really made the event just amazing. Even during the ceremony, she looked over at me once or twice with the biggest smile on her face. So cute. Everything that was done, she loved it, everything that happened was funny! I just love this girl.

For those of you who are only use to temple weddings, often before a ceremony they have what is called "the viewing." This is the first time the bride and the groom see one another on the wedding day.

Jennifer and Brian asked to have no cameras or anyone there for the viewing. But as you can see I caught mommy and daddy peaking.

So I thought maybe one peek myself wouldn't hurt either,, Brian was smitten..aah love :)

Another highlight for me at Jen's wedding was
getting to spend time with my
dear old friend Darla.
We go way back to the days of sunbeam class at church and
matching care bear suitcases. She is the cutest, most talented little Darla I know. Another cool fact about Darla is she earns her living by training horses. She also plays a mean little fiddle, and can yodel. NOW can you see why she is on my top ten coolest people I know list?
(i don't really have an actually list, so don't have to wonder if you are on it.)

The reception was big and beautiful. And red of course. I never made the connection of Jennifer and my love of red until this wedding. I was shopping for a bridal gift and bought her some red bowls she registered for. (Every dish she registered for was red). I was having it gift wrapped and asked for the red wrapping paper. The lady behind the counter looked at me a bit funny then said "You must be good friends." It didn't register what she meant by that until I got back to my car and put my red diaper bag down, took my red cell phone out of Naomi's hand, unloaded Naomi out of my red flowered baby sling, buckled up noticing I was wearing a red sweat shirt!
I was a bit embarrassed.
I debated on putting up this next picture. Too many pictures of me. But I decided to, since someday I hope to print off my blog as a scrapbook thing or something
. And that will probably the first and last time I ever get the opportunity to give a speech like that.
i'm a dufus.

Cache took full advantage of Jennifer and Brian's amazing candy table and he even had a few failed attempts at licking the ice sculpture. Devin and I danced till the night was over, which was the best part of the whole wedding: Getting to see Devin again after 3 weeks! I forgot how good looking he was. Man alive. I also forgot how good of a dancer he is, which can be a killer combination when it comes to a ladies heart.

All of my closest friends from high school were there. They mean a lot to me, so I just was in heaven getting to see them all again, and see the good lives they are all leading. Devin's favorite part was watching the cowboys belt out karaoke too all the rap songs and know every word. He sure got a kick out of that. It was just a perfect night. I am still riding on the high from the wedding, two weeks later. Either a sign of a really good time, or a really lame girl who needs to get out more.. hmm I'll take the first.
The Fam.
thank you Aunt Sarah for Naomi's cute dress. It was perfect!

during my month at home, spending time with all my old friends in old places, which are all good memories, but I had a small glimpse back at my life before Devin. Memories, smells and feelings came back to me. It was a good time, an awesome time, but still a time where i knew where i wanted to go, but nothing was set in stone. Then Devin flew into town, and I was overwhelmed with thankfulness, for the path of life I decided to follow, for Devin, our children, our temple marriage, our simple life, our simple love, and our faith. i feel an inner peace that is priceless to me. It is more than worth every hard decision, feeling left out or different, everything. I am so thankful.


Unknown said...

Wow! Jennifer looked amazing. It seems like it was a great wedding and they both look so happy! It was fun to see those pics. Thanks!

natalie spratling said...

another great entry, you do such an amazing job with every entry you make. Love seeing the pictures and reading your thoughts. Hope you are ajusting well back home. Love you guys. give the kids a kiss from me.

Cher said...

Okay, so I've been waiting forever (it seems:)) for you to post! I've been wondering what you have been up to. I love you in red you look so gorgeous. Naomi is so adorable and she just gets cuter and cuter. Cache is a stud and I'm glad you guys are back with Devin! Being away from them is so overrated don't you think?
Well, Jocey is drying her hair again so I better go make sure she doesn't get her hair caught! Love ya.