Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Welcome to Our Family Naomi

This was absolutely the most emotion I think I've ever felt as they put her in my arms. Cache was born C-section and both of us were in shock and bad shape,so this was a new experience. I can't even think about it without crying, even as I type! What a beautiful day.

What a bonding experience it was for Devin and I too. At this moment I loved my baby, but loved Devin even more. He is so good to me.

Meeting big brother for the first time. Even though they are further apart in age I hope they will be as close as me and my Big brother Ben always were.

First family PHOTO! Don't we just live for days like these?


natalie spratling said...

Amie, love the pictures; they made me cry as well. So sweet to have a new little precious one in your home. I wish we didn't live so far away. I should have jumped on a plane with your mom, i would just to hold little Naomi. Give her a kiss from me. Congratulations. You look great - a sence of accomplishment on your face. Hope all is going well. Love you guys.

Cindy Spratling said...

I love the way you described your feelings. It really is a beautiful thing between a husband and wife to bring a child into this world. And I'm sure more enjoyable when it's not under the stress of a last minute c-section. I remember when Claire was born, for the whole first week I wanted to snuggle up to Ben everytime I could. It just made me love him even more than I ever thought possible.

Zana said...

Listen, you look too put together as a new mom again. Could you pretend to have a bad hair day & look frazzled for just a moment! I love how you did the black & white while adding color to the new little life in your arms...BEAutiful pictures!!

carrie said...

These pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Having a baby is such an amazing experience, What a blessing!

Diana said...

Congratulations!!!! Naomi is an adorable name, and I loved seeing the pictures :)