Monday, January 6, 2014

In the life of Nay

A few Naomi-isms that I want to write down.

Making Family new years resolutions, we decided that all 5 of us yell too much and we created a jar of "yeller" (yellow) M&M's.  You get one every day you can go without yelling..

Naomi thought that "squirtels"(Skittles) would be a much better prize.
She always calls them that and I do not correct her. I love it.

Grocery Store:

Gage and Naomi sit next to one another in the race car cart. They get lost in make believe world as I shop.  Their make believe morphed into: "Let's get married Gage!"
G: "Oh Yeah!" And they start hugging and saying : "I love you soo much!"
Then Gage lets go and says : "Nevermind. I don't want to get married."
Nay persists: "Yes we are getting married and going to have babies and a dog and it's going to be so wonderful!"
Gage: NO I'm not. I'm gonna marry a different girl."
Nay: "Oh! Then you get to marry me! Mom always says that I am a different girl!"

I had to stop shopping and recover from laughter at that point.

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