Friday, November 22, 2013

Cache's 8th birthday!

Our boy Cache was baptized on his 8th birthday.
  What a sweet special day.
  • He started his day with opening presents. New underwear! I knew it would crack Cache up. 
  • Devin and I took him to pick out a Lego set. And it was a big decision.
  • Then he went to his very first basketball game and made a basket!  
  • Rode his bike with his Dad to Subway, his favorite lunch place.
  • Came home so we could all get ready for the most important part of his day: His baptism.

The Primary president gave him a new white towel to dry off after his baptism. And his Grandma and Grandpa Orton got him his first set of scriptures and scripture case.  Devin and I got him a journal,
which he was really excited about after reading the books: "Diary of a Wimpy kid."
 The only time our miss Nay gets her hair curled is by aunts and cousins.  
Someone needs to give me a lesson.
And then it was time!
Cache chose his Dad to baptize him.
 I just love this picture of Cache and Devin by the Savior. 
Having your oldest be baptized was a different experience than I had anticipated.
I guess when it's your own you think about things more.  
In short it was a very sweet experience for me to prepare my son to take his first step in following in the footsteps of the Savior.  I saved more details of that for my actual journal.  If future Cache is reading this and wants to read more, you have permission to read my journal. :)  We just love this boy and although very much an obnoxious 8 year old boy, he has taken it upon himself to raise the bar in his own life, telling us: "I haven't told one single lie since I've been baptized." And "Now that I'm baptized I will try to be nicer." :) I need to make sure he knows it's okay to mess up, but I'm proud of him.
We know as parents that following the Saviors example with be most sure way of leading the happiest life, despite all that comes our way in life. As the Nephites in the book of Mormon stated: "And we lived after the manner of happiness." Meaning they followed the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. And though simple, it brings peace in our hearts and in our homes,  keeps us from addiction and helps us forgive and maybe the biggest blessing of all, it gives us HOPE. Hope that you are never too far gone.  Hope that we can always be better, hope that good will over come bad in this world, and hope to know that this life is not the end! We will see the people we love again. They are still living as spirits and growing and love us just as we still love them.  It is only a temporary separation.  And on top of that  we have access to truth and the blessings of simple quiet happiness go on and on. This is why we want our children to follow in our footsteps and why we try to follow in the Saviors. Or at least why I do. I guess I can only speak for myself.
 Cache doesn't understand all of that, but I am surprised how much an 8 year old does understand. 
 And sometimes he gets it more than I do. 
Thanks Julie for capturing these "off camera" shots. 
 Grandma Colette and Grandpa Dave with their oldest grandchild.
My sis with her baby girl. I love this picture.

We all gathered back at our house for meatball sandwich supper and his party.

 We didn't get many pics of the guests. 
But The Barrett's are always  camera hogs and end up on the camera. Nate and April have been to more of our children's births, birthdays, blessings and now baptisms etc. than any actual member of our family. Plus, they know things about us that no one else in the world does, so we keep them close. ;)

And that was the day.  Makes me heart warm to remember it.

 Here are a few hundred pics I took to document 
our Cache David Orton as a strapping eight year old boy: 
Cache had a few good ideas for his 8 year old pictures too:
 And that's our boy!
Happy Birthday Cache. We love you so very much.


Kara Lyn said...

I can't believe that you have a son old enough to be baptized! How exciting!!! Cache is so adorable and you all look amazing. I really wish we were neighbors. I guess the world couldn't handle that much awesomeness in one place.

Kara and Chant said...

Wow your kids are big! I cannot believe Cache is 8 now. It is amazing how truly different it feels when it is your own child being baptized. It sounds like things are going well for you. Thanks for the comment. I try to keep up on the blog but fell off the face of the earth over the summer. Next time you're around here, let us know.

Megan said...

Your words are always so sweet, touching and truthful. This was a lovely post.