Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Naomi turns Five!

(Pre-school birthday treats. Apple juice and princess stickers!)

Naomi planned her own birthday.  It sounded like a great plan so I went with it.
  • Hello Kitty cake.
  • Build a Bear (Or build a Pony)
  • New pinkalicious bike with pink tires, cupcake training wheels,  and pink streamers and pink basket to haul around all her pinky pie ponies in!! *squeeeel!*
  • Cookie crisp for breakfast
  • Macaroni and cheese, cherries and broccoli for dinner. 

 Naomi wanted "Buh-Kay" to come eat her birthday cake.  
 Lily is a crack up!

 Cache just karate chopping my nasty tasting cake.  Box cake it is. I stink!

 Future black mail material for our Cache. 

Build a bear was such a cute experience. Here is Naomi, putting a wish into the heart before they put it into the pony.
She stood there for  SO long making her wish.  She does not take wish making lightly.

Giving Twilight Sparkle a bath and sealing it with a kiss.
The boys had to be de-girly-fied after all that pony business. So they went shopping for some Trail Blazer gear, since Devin will now be the chiropractor for the Stampede. (Minor league team that feeds players to the Trail Blazers!) Somehow the kids turned into cheese heads. They crack me up! 
 We just breed them silly.

Birthday Success!

Out of all the girls in the world Naomi,  I'm so glad I get to have you as our daughter. 
Naomi, to you life is just magical.  Everything is done with a giggle and a skip-hop in your step.
You are amazing. 
Happy Birthday to our darling girl. 

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Kendra said...

She is a doll! Happy Birthday Na!