Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer funnies

Gage: He refuses to get into his car seat each time we load up. Instead he perches himself on the center console between the two front seats, wraps his arms around the arm wrests and says: "NO MOM, I just hoad (hold) on."

Naomi and Cache funny story:

Driving home from the gym this evening.  Naomi begins crying then screaming(sorta normal,) but then it reached new levels. I looked back. Naomi had been twirling her fingers in her hair and hand managed to knot her finger in her hair.  She couldn't get it out and she kept pulling harder, which pulled her hair, tighten the noose on her finger and made her scream EVEN crazier, then she started sheer panicking as I was instructing: HOLD STILL, It's okay, we are almost home.
We pulled off and notice indeed her finger was turning BLUE!  And if we thought her freaking out couldn't have been anymore intense,,Cache yelled, I'll get some  scissors!

 It quickly got untwisted. She was so relieved she started laugh-crying.  And here is Cache's moment of the day:

Cache: "Oh wow, her finger really did turn blue and leave a mark. The SAME thing happens to me when I wear my tight underwear!"

Hyde park. Naomi ordered the pinkest Italian soda. 
Can I have a sip Nay?
"Of course!"
Why did you wear different shoes Naomi? 
Because I couldn't find both pink ones.
Why didn't you wear both black ones then?
(laughs) "That would be silly!"

Brother's. Bun. Buds.

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