Friday, March 29, 2013

Aaaalmost Spring outings

3 words  can sum up our March :
We get so excited that the weather has warmed up 3 degrees, we go on adventures 
and are so happy for the first 30 minutes then we are freezing and worn out.

Shire park.
 Gage's vest is too small for his belly.

Kleiner Park
Brown grass is the first sign its too early to picnic.
Gage sneaking the chicken out of everyone's salad.

Table rock:

 Kinda cool scenery. For Boise I guess.
Leaders of the pack. Always miles ahead.
The slowest and happiest caboose ever. 

Picking up sticks, running back down the mountain... but don't you dare pick him up! 
He can "do by self me." Often followed by a sucker punch in the face. 
We had just turned around to head home when Cache got mad at us and took off sprinting down the mountain.  Cache wasn't nicknamed "speedy" by several different coaches for nothing. Then add being mad to the mix, and a steep downhill slope, this wasn't good.  At the same time Naomi and Gage fell down, crying.(no surprise) The only thing we could think was:  
  • Get Cache before he reaches the parking lot or a cliff  
  • Get these little ones to the car and band aides ASAP.
Each stuck a baby on our back and raced down the mountain.  After we all calmed down, Devin decided that what Cache needed was not another punishment but instead some extra lovin.  He had recently finished the second Narnia book, so we bought the movie and some treats, and special time with just our Cachey pie. Just us 3. Like it use to be. Good call Devin. Such a good call.
Story Trail
*gasp* "Mama! The first flower of Sprrrring!!!!"
Planning to ambush me after I get back from the bathroom.
No Surprise. Gage fell down.
He's a very resilient guy though.

Framing it.

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