Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dylan and Sara gave us some Linder farm tickets.  Thank you much guyz!

 We got their a bit late and since we hadn't planned on going, we weren't really 
dressed for the occassion.  Time of year to keep an extra coat and blanket in the car!
 We went on a  hay ride to pick a punkin.
But we already had too many of our own little punkins taking up our arms to haul one out of the field
and such.  So we'll save that for next year, and settle for a grocery store pumpkin.
 The corn pit was the favorite activity.

Devin may buy me a new camera lens just to save my soul.
I got soooo mad at my little old camera at the pumpkin patch...

 It was way cuter than this blasted camera would capture.
OH me OH my I took a bagillion fuzzy pictures.

 We tried the corn maze.  
But Nay and I...
Well, we're just girls.  I no longer pretend otherwise.
We turned around after about 1 minute and let the boyz finish.
 We went and found a nice chair by the fire.
And wished someone would stand in line and buy us hot cider and apple fritters...
We were just too cold.
 Love the Fall!  (But terribly miss St. Louis gorgeous pumpkin patches...and leaves.)
Before I leave I have to record the funniest thing that happened that day.
Devin worked at a health fair all day and we went to visit him.
As I mentioned we ran into Dylan and Sara(Devin's bro and wife) at the fair... Getting flu shots.
Chatted and then left to find Devin and let them get back to that.  Their 3 boys looked a little nervous.
We got to the end of the big old gym looking for Devin when we hear this:
(continuous screaming/yell getting closer and closer to us.)
Then Cache looks at me: "That's NOAH!"   Sure enough, Noah goes scccrreaming by, running as fast as he can in the OPPOSITE direction of the flu shot table.
And then of course came Sarah running by.  I felt bad but I laughed so hard hearing Noah's yelling for the next WHILE going up and down each isle.  Oh that was so funny.
Hope they thought it was too.
Anyway, love this time of year. We've been luring out kids out of bed in the morning with a warm bath
Mornings are chilly and dark now and for some reason they can't resist a tub full of water :)  And then we've putting them to bed with a cup of fresh warm apple cider. 
{H A P P Y F A L L !}


Aubrey said...

I'm so sad about your camera. That's the worst! What lenses were they? Have you considered getting them fixed? That looks so fun. There's not very much like that fall-y around here. I need to venture out and see if I can find anything. I just LOVE the way you blog. so real. Just thought you should know.

Unknown said...

WOW! Rockin the Awesome Do there lil' Nay! SO SO SO SO CUTE! I loved Izzy's hair like that when she was 2-3, it grew in so nice afterwards.

AND - all you Orton's have killer eyes ALL OF YOU! Love it. What a great fabulous feature to share!

SAD about the lens. I feel your pain. I will hold mine a little closer tonight.

Luv Ya Amie