Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer 2011 wrap up

T'was a summer of new sprinklers in the back yard.

A summer of camping with friends
with mini chairs for the mini ladies

And "America's giantest marshmallows."(according to Cache) for the rest of us.
note: Avery's pose on picnic table! 

A summer of goggles every day.  
All day. 
 Goggles are very protective not just against water. No sir.
The protect against soap in the eye...
Bugs when your riding so super fast.
And smoke from the campfire

A summer of Grandma Orton's raspberry jam on toast and faces and fingers.
"look MOM a WEEEEN bow!"
A Summer of Princess Dresses. 
(Made by Grandma Orton and passed to Nay.)
Grandma's dresses are the only acceptable dress to be labeled "printhess."
This is her "Blue Princess"

A summer where li'l Louie turned 9,10 and 11 months
And showed us his love for soft blankets and his Lamby.
A summer of getting ready for Kindergarten!
Here is Devin trying to help Cache become a morning person...
A summer of swimming, playing and admiring cousins.

Here is my attempt to get just ONE of all three boys smiling at me.
"Okay guys 1, 2, 3, SMILE!"
Look at me! 1,2,3 Smile!
Okay no more spider webs, hands down, look at me!
I give up.
 do whatever you want.
And this: is what they wanted to do I guess.
These 3 crazy cousins above are all starting kindeegarten this year!
A summer with lots of time spent at Eagle Island ( and more to come.)

A summer topped off with the state fair.
Elephant ears, pink lemonade, snow cones, ice cream. 
Supper of champions. 
And it was SOOOOO good.
 A sea lion show, petting sting rays, fire juggler, magician, hypnotist and 
REAL Jousting with KNIGHTS!

This boy loves knights.

 Pig racing,  glow in the dark light sabers, funny clowns who Cache was mesmerized by. 
Devin killing the Marine pull up challenge.  
Closest thing he'll get to joining the marines!
He's always wanted to be a marine... married me instead.
Now I'm the only that gets to take shots at him and enjoy his big muscles.
Har har har.
Yes the fair was a perfect topper for our Summer.

Good bye Summer 2011.
You've been good to us.


Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Hey now! I was expecting pictures from Cachey's first day of school! Ha ha. But I love all your summer pictures. The goggles are so funny. You guys always find the coolest places to go as a family. Nai looks like princess Leia with her puppy ear hair do :), and ilove the picture of the three boys siluting!

natalie spratling said...

I just love your blog, makes you not seem so far away. What a fabulous summer! Love the photo of Devin trying to get Cache up:) Love you guys

One mom said...

I hope you turn your blog into a book. You do such a great job documenting the little moments in life (and it is so beautiful to look at). Thanks for sharing. Farewell summer!

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

One more thing. Nai could be Dorothy from The Wizard of OZ in that blue dress : ).