Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I am sad because...

i got a haircut.
 Juuuust playin.
no doubt this is what I would look like with short hair though!
No I am sad because my visitor is gone.
The one and only Sam visited and left.
He visits ten times more than anyone! 
So that means I will spoil him.
Or try.
Like make him pizza twice and his favorite: mash taters.
And random sugar cookies late one night. 
And offered to take him to Roaring springs.
But he saw the crowds and opted Sandy point.
I told him it was quiet there.
I love that my brother is such an old soul.

So we picked up his favorite: Cafe Rio and berry smoothie(costco)
And headed out of town.

Devin saw this cute pink star floatie for 2 dollars and wanted to buy it for Nay.
She mostly just pranced around the sand wearing it as a tutu.

 dun dun dun. Shark Sam.
Every time I get to go on water I dream of my rowing days back in St. Louis.
Summer evenings out on beautiful lake Creve Ceour.
Getting hit in the face with Cache's paddle in sage brush Idaho wasn't quite the same experience...
But mother nature is therapy.
I will make it a new goal to get my children OUT of town and in nature every week.
Cache kept telling me how to row correctly.
I fear he can take after me a bit.
Thinks he knows everything.
Look I have tri-ceps! Thanks giant baby Gage.

 Giant baby Gage is so sweet and loving.
Even though he had a fever all day in the heat.
He just slept on the blankie in the shade.
He just wanted to snuggle all weekend and lean his hot big head on my cheek.
I felt  guilty that I was enjoying his snuggle time so much when he was the one feeling so horrible.

 Cache just really admires older boys.
He found yet another kid to follow around.
Cache would see the boy starting a new sand castle or in this case a back rest.
And Cache would throw his food down and say. "He needs my help!"
Thankfully this kid was nice to him.
This next picture I was laughing soo soo hard when I took it.
Cache is so enthusiastically digging throwing shovel's full of  sand all over those two beach loungers.
He had no idea.
 Well it was a good weekend thanks to Sam.
He is the most gracious visitor.
Even after all the salads and healthy food I put infront of him.
Always saying thank you and "That was so good Amie! " 
Even if he didn't eat it, he still said it :)
We made this icecream. 
Unbelievably good.
Healthy and EASY PEASY.
A new staple in our house fo sho.
Sam showed us plenty of Drake and Josh. His fav show.
It was actually hilarious.

Sam is the sweetest Uncle.
He even brought his old Light saber just so he and Cache could play.
My mom picked him up on the way home from her mom's house in Preston ID. 
It was my cousin's wedding and I'm sad I couldn't make it.
But I love this picture she sent me of her time there with all her siblings and mom.
I'm glad she got to make it to be in the temple with her family and see Angela and Thomas get married.
That's always such a sweet experience to be in the temple with family.
Harvest has begun back home in Oregon and Sam was anxious to get to work.
So thanks for visiting Sam!
( Come again and next time we'll make it to Krispy Kreme!)


Tony & Bre said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I think we had a hard time deciding who was heavier because they weigh the same! And I'm glad Cache enjoyed the video.

DancELation said...

Your mom looks SOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!! She has always been beautiful but I swear she looks 15 years younger. She was so nice to make that drive-tell her I love and admire her!! We missed you-but it won't be long until we're sportin our lays in Tahiti together. Take Care-love your blog!