Monday, July 26, 2010

Bogus Basin

So here we are.
I still feel like I'm going to go home to Missouri next week after 
vacation is over.  But really, we are glad to be here in Boise.
I like the people. 
Sometimes I see people riding their horse on the side of the road in town.
Less bugs.
Clear beautiful water.
Our cute neighbor hood and newly carpeted house.

I do miss the charm of St. Louis.
And all the manicured lawns and miles of mowed grass.
Right now THERE seems a little more home than here. 
Time will change that though.

Moving back west, Devin and I were most excited for family and Mountains.
So we've gone hiking a few times. 
I was huffin and puffin. Maybe it's the elevation, or that this baby is
using my lungs for a pillow. Or that I haven't worked out in a month, thanks to the move.

It was pretty though. Devin took pictures of flowers for you.  And I made fun of him.
Really I love how he appreciates nature.  Still a liiiitle froofy don't you think?  And mostly Devin is just fun to make fun of, because he has some funny comebacks. 
I really like having this guy around. 
He may be my favorite person in the world.
Okay he most defiantly  is. 

We felt back at home. AND we actually felt a bit chilly!  
Loved it.

Naomi is NOT the best hiker. 
 She loves it, she is just really pokey. 
 And every time we say: "Come on Nay!"  she yells "NO!" and runs BACK the opposite way....

Then if we're lucky she'll lay in the dirt and roll in it and mash it into her hair...
So we have Cache who can't help running WAY up ahead and Nay running opposite back down the trail. I can't keep up with Cache so I end up bring up the rear, who is kicking and throwing dirt.  She'll throw a good punch too. Thus the need to carry her FACING OUT
Man we love her.

 Here she is below with a dirt clod she was so happy to find.
she squealed: "Yook daddy,  doggy!"

Not sure I wanted to show everyone this next picture, but it is rare to get a picture of me and 2 babies. 
Actually 2.5 babies in this picture.
I'm feelin very large and in charge these days.
Cache is sitting on the "boys only" rock and banished us to the "girl rock."

Our hike in all reality was like 25 minutes and much on a road like this one...
To get more of their energy out these guys ran circles around me.

I needed  lunch and a nap.
Devin spotted a baby Coyote on the way down the mountain and walked right up to it.
I think it was thinking: "Maybe if I don't look at him he'll go away." 

That's all.


KevandChels said...

i love you, amy. i love that we are going thru EXACTLY the same things right coming, new home, missing mo, even though we had a stop in between. your naomi sounds so much like peter on a hike:)

Cindy Spratling said...

I love the picture of N facing out. So funny. And you look sooo good. You can't even tell you're pregnant, until the rock picture. And even then, you look so great! Can't wait to see you guys!

Whetton Family said...

You guys are so fun! I am so jealous that you are out there in the real world! Have you found out what you are having yet? By the way you look AMAZING! We are definitely going to have to make a trip out to Boise if you will be up for us!

Megan said...

Your blog makes me smile, laugh and cry all at the same time. I love, love, love it. Wish we would have gotten to know you guys better before the boys graduated and everyone headed seperate ways. So glad you've made it out of the waiting place and are listening to the "Boom Bands!!!!"

Dave & Colette said...

From Arsh:
I like reading your blog almost as much as I like reading the Scriptures! hahaha I love the pics of Cache and Nay in the van eating sandwiches. I died of laughter. I am incredibly freaked out of my mind that you will be here next week! love love love