Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday evening walk. 

Nay dressed herself for our evening walk.  
 Besides the onsie all the other pieces this ensemble were 
a surprise to Devin and I.

We were all standing by the front door holding it open and yelled for Naomi.
"Come on Nay are you ready?"
She comes busting through the house as fast as she can, passed us and out the front door.  
 And in her tiny voice; Nay: " Tink too." (thank you for holding the door.) 
aaah she is so exhaustingly fun.


Michelle Rossell said...

thank you so much for being such a dedicated blogger! i have so much fun reading your blogs! i miss you sister. but you're closer now, kinda. your kids are adorable and so are the 2 of you.

Cher said...

I love her.

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Oh cute! I'm excited to see Cache and Naomi again!

natalie spratling said...

She can dress herself, knows how important it is to keep herself hydrated while outside and has manners to boot. She is so cute!!!

Zana said...

The moments you capture on your camera are too adorable. I also love the moving truck family photo...when is the estimated birthday of baby girl or boy???