Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's day.
Great day.
Good breakfast.
Made us late for church.
Great talks in church. 
Devin got new socks.
The man loves new ankle socks.
Brazil played in the world cup.

Philly cheese steak sandwiches and curly fries
were requested, and served.

Cache said the Blessing on the food: "...Please bless Lucy, please bless
Brazil to win, and please bless Cade to come over."

Brazil scored DURING the blessing.
(Devin gasped and did a silent cheer.
I kicked him under the table.)

You want Cache prayin for ya. 
His prayers are powerful.

Cade showed up about 10 minutes later.

Philly Cheesesteaks and... Yes we are packing, packing, packing.

Yummy bar ties. My sis. Sarah's idea. They were a hit.
Thanks sissy.

Spent the evening talking to the Furniss family.
Love them.
Man we are going to miss some people here.
OH well. Can't think about. 

Talked to my dad.
I have a great dad.
I can't wait to go home and ride in the combine with my dad.
If I can get my belly up there...hmm.
Maybe not.

Thought about my Grandpa's.
I LOVE my grandpa's.
The thought of them always ALWAYS makes me laugh.

Thought about my father in-law.
And again, Laughed.  
If you want to know my father in-law, Devin is just like him.

They don't come better.

Always Happy,VERY silly,hardworking,never critical,
 faithful to the very last cell of 
their bodies.  But most of all: KIND.

I love fathers.
Thank you father's everywhere for working so hard.


Miss Ashley said...

Amie you are the best blogger in the world. You make me tear up every time and the music you play is perfect! I love you and can't wait to be closer to you. ~Arsh

Kara and Chant said...

So weird to see all the boxes! I am with you, I love fathers too! I have a pretty special one too. The girls are still sicko but hopefully soon!

Dave & Colette said...

I love how you can express yourself Amie. I remember when you were a little girl it wasn't easy for you. I'm so proud! You make me cry too!!!
I wish I was there to help you pack and clean.
Happy Father's Day Devin!! You are the best!!!

MegRich said...

Oh Cache- what a faithful prayer!

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

The ties look amazing And yummy!

Unknown said...

Hey Amie! How are you guys! I hope you don't mind I found your blog through Sara and Dylan's blog. It looks great and I love your pics. If you want, you can find us here: aaronandmarissa.blogspot.com.

Unknown said...

So fun - so cute - so I was thinking of boycotting your farewell but Matt says that is not enough to keep you from leaving - it has to be bigger... hmmmm.