Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The instigator of Cowboy week and well, most things.

Stuff that happens during cowboy week:

Dad's new name: "partner"
Cache : "Sheriff"
Me: "Mam" or "outlaw"
The reason for Naomi's screams: She Broke the law.
Impressed by: Cache making his own lasso out of a monkey tail and purse strap.
Also that Cache can move our big couch across the house by himself 
(blocks off the kitchen to make the jail for outlaws.)
Cowboys work hard everyday: thus digging in the dirt before 7am.
More of cowboy week to come...

1 comment:

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

I love his freckles : ). Good job figuring out stuff on Photoshop. It really is crazy. Almost as crazy as Naiomi's hair! Ha ha! I love her.