Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I am not one to  really get behind something politically very often, because, well I can see both sides sometimes and neither of them seem to really strike me as absolute wrong or absolute right, and so many times I vote reluctantly, just choosing in my mind, the lesser evil of the two.  With Health care, this has not been the case.   I am definitely not anti -President Obama, because again, I don't think everything he does is complete evil and I think or at least HOPE he has his heart in the right place even if he IS mislead.  Health care passed the other day and let me just point out a few things that those of you with the opinion of : "I want to help the poor so I don't mind giving a little extra money to do it." point of view might not have known ( I borrowed this from my friend Mindy's blog because I  agree also and she says it so much better).

*54% of Americans Oppose the current health care bill
*41% of Americans favor it

*45% of Americans Strongly Oppose the current health care bill
*26% strongly favor it

*57% of Americans believe that if the current bill passes, health care cost will go up
*only 17% believe it will actually lower costs

*54% of Americans believe the current bill will hurt the quality of care
*Roll Call (a mag on The Hill) reported that 100,000 phone calls per hour were made on Friday in opposition to the bill

For those of you who were apathetic to this, enjoy the health care you have chosen for yourself. With everything in me, I fought this.

Things you have to look forward to with the passage of this bill:

*Millions of unborn babies killed on the tax payer's dime. (I bet you didn't know that was in there, Mormons.)
*No more private loans for education purposes. (Yes, it's true, in a "health care" bill. The government now controls who gets loans for school.)
*Mandatory purchase of health insurance.(or you will be fined)
*Increased taxes.
*10 years of taxes for 6 years of service. (Oh THAT's how it is budget neutral, eh? Nevermind the fact that government never comes in on budget--the 2010 cenus is already over budget.)
*Nevermind the liberty we have lost.... 


Kara and Chant said...

Nicely said! I was strongly against this bill as well. Scary times we are living in!

Whetton Family said...

Totally agree! Makes me sick to my stomach!
On an off subject note....I was just catching up on your blog and oh my! You guys should have a comedy act of your day to day life! I would pay money to see it. You guys are quite funny!

Ben said...

The thing that really bothers me is that the political party currently in control is clearly not listening to the citizens they are supposed to represent. Our government is set up to be a democracy, which means decisions are supposed to be made by majority rule. It also means that our government officials are supposed to represent us and what we want since we all can't be there to do it ourselves. The problem is not just wether the health care bill is good or bad for our country. The problem is that our government officials are trying to make a decision that the majority of Americans don't support, which means they are not doing their jobs right. I think they are just doing what they think will put their names in the history books and they think we don't know what is good for us and they want more control. It is time for us to start voting them out of office. Well, I've got more to say on that, but I'll stop since this is really long and probably boring. WARREN BUFFET FOR PRESIDENT!