Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tonight Cache was trying to "Wash his pretzels off in the bathtub."  
Translation:  Wash his freckles off in the bathtub.

This afternoon, we stopped at a gas station for a bathroom break and somehow I shut my finger in the door.
Because my finger was in the door, it was blocking a sensor and wouldn't unlock.  I wasn't sure if my finger was attached, because I couldn't feel it, Devin was frantic and  so was I.  Finally  he just opened the back door(to try and crawl in and force my door open) but when he opened the back door, it released my finger, Intact, only bruised.  Biggest scene I can remember making in public. Oh wow. We laughed so hard. The: "That was really scary, so glad it's over laugh."

I guess we needed that laugh, because today we watched dear friends bury their baby daughter.
The pain of this trial is incomprehensible to me.
They had an incredible peace about them, I'll never forget. We are so incredibly, grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
And the hope and promises that it brings.  
I'm sure they were bolstered up by angels today.


Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

I'm really glad you still have your finger. I would have panicked too! I've been thinking a lot about your friends and their little girl. There was probably nothing they could have done to prevent it. That's why we have to enjoy every day that we can because we never know what will happen next. I haven't got much house work done since you told about them because I've been holding Danny and just looking at him.

Beck n' Ben said...

Amie- I too am glad you still have your finger.

Your second paragraph is absolutely beautiful. You are right, they were/are bolstered up by angels, living and those that have passed on.

Mindy said...

Great post! I love coming and checking up on you guys every so often--your blog is so cute and readable.
PS. Yes, you can post my post wherever. It's actually Melanie's. Great minds think alike, eh? ;)