Friday, March 12, 2010

My mom always said COMMUNICATION is SOOO important in marriage...

So, since I'm already sorta leaning on the edge of inappropriateness with the gun picture, I thought I would just take it another step further and share the following story.

We walked in the door from the Gym 15 minutes before the missionaries were coming by to share a message.  So we played tag team, I started dishing up left over soup for supper(Thanks Becca boo!) while Devin hopped in the shower, then we switched.

After my lightning fast shower and dressing, I had the fans going and was doing the finishing touches in the mirror WHEN I hear:
"Amie are you going POOP?!!"

Instantly I was just annoyed. Devin has a fun habit of making a really big deal, comment about EVERY bodily function that occurs in this home, either by saying "Whoa!" or usually just by imitating to the best of his ability.  Nay toots every time she bends over, or her belly is poked, so this happens in our house constantly. And sometimes I think he is inmature.  Anway, yelling this across the house was still another level for him, so to give him a second chance I snapped back:


Devin: " Are you going POOP?"

Now I'm really annoyed, the windows in our house are OPEN, to help the dinner smell AND the missionaries were 2 minutes past due, so probably walking up our steps... I didn't know what to say to demonstrate to him how innapropriate I thought he was being so I just Yelled very meanly:
"Devin, It's NONE of you BUISNESS!"

 Then I hear him drop something and come stomping toward the door.  How dare he?  What If I was?  He is really coming to CHECK to see if I am?  And he opened the door to a very perturbed wife holding a bottle of mascara and giving him the death look.  We both stared each other down for a moment me with I'm gonna kill you look and Devin looking curiously amused  as he always is if I'm mad about something...(which usually makes me madder.)

"Amie Why is it NONE of my business if you want some SOUP or not?"

We laughed so hard when the mis communication was corrected we couldn't even stand up....

If I was a really good writer I could make some really neat analogy that would turn this gross, silly story into something very meaningful, but I'm not, and so we will just leave it what it is... a memory.  One of our biggest fights EVER, almost occurred over Poop and soup! 

"He who takes offense when offense was not intended is a FOOL."  

Brigham Young

And while I'm recording memories here are our latest slew of memories caught on camera... some weeks and months old.  I just took a blogging Hiatus of sorts I guess.

 Home made rocket ship.  Sky and Cache even loaded Nay up for the trip to the moon.

"Mom I gots all my weapons."

 These weapons are very important to Cache these days.  Bat phone, drumstick, broken plastic airplane, "whup"(whip),  And he ties them all on with the all important "Power belt."

I should never wonder why Cache and Naomi's favorite is hand's down their Daddy-yo.

This is Devin complete with Superman cape.  Flying to the moon.


Just a perfect way to spend the first sorta warm evening of the spring.  I could stare at a fire for hours.   

Plus Devin looks extra handsome in the light of a campfire.  At least I've always thought so:)

Nay and La La sitting on their fav
stoop with their blankies today.
Love these baby girls. When they see 
a the camera they always say: "CHEE!"
and tilt head and pose...

Cache being Cache.

Happy Birthday Sammy!  My baby bro is a teenager!
Love you, miss you.


Kara and Chant said...

That story was hilarious! Sorry I had to leave early yesterday. I want to chat. Once again, your photos are amazing! I tried getting on picnik and the only thing I could see to do was crop the pictures and tilt them. i need to have you show me how to access everything else. like how to change the color and how to write on the pics. I need help!

Mardee Rae said...

laughed out loud at your soup/poop story. Sounds exactly like something that would happen at our house! Cute cute pictures. We miss you guys.

Meg said...

Souperdy pooperdy funny story! I was waiting for the missionaries to have acutally been in your living room listening to it all. Glad it was your own private moment - well now it's not so private but I'm glad cause it made me laugh.

MegRich said...

How funny! Sound like something I would do. Cache and Naomi are so cute! Cache is so grown up. I love his model poses laying on the ground with his head propped up in his hand. So funny.

MegRich said...

How funny! Sound like something I would do. Cache and Naomi are so cute! Cache is so grown up. I love his model poses laying on the ground with his head propped up in his hand. So funny.