Wednesday, December 2, 2009

yah, Uh HUH. we were there

at the Macey's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

We dressed the children for bed, loaded the car and took off at 8pm on Tuesday. Drove through the night, 14 hours to Angie and Camerons'(Devin's older sis in Pennsylvania). We left later than planned and as we bussled around the house packing, this is what Naomi did:

She raided the food bag. Even trying to hatch a box of fruit snacks or somethin in there. :)

Cache slept like a log for 8 hours. Naomi, jabbered for most of the night.
We recovered and slept the day away Wednesday and ate and played with neices and nephew.

Thanksgiving day, we woke up at 4am and headed into New York. Even that early, we wouldn't have found a good spot, Luckily we had the CUTEST couple in the whole city saving us a spot...

Devin's cuz Elisabeth and her husband Tyler.

That is a spot that we could elbow our way into at least. New Yorkers don't allow you to "save spots." It's a eat or be eaten type place.

Luckily there was a little alley way behind us that they could play around and throw the football a bit while we waited the hours for the parade to start. The rest of us held our ground,talked and observed all the fun people in New York.

This is Cache's crazy new smile... seems like most kids develop on of these within some point and time. He is either, scowling or doing this crazy smile... Oh well still stinkin cute. Love him.

I might have enjoyed watching Cache and Naomi's reactions to the
parade even more than the parade.

I am so annoying with my camera.
I want to take pictures of everything.
I can't help it.

Cassidy really, really had to find a bathroom. A clean one is not an easy thing to find in the City.

Santa Clause was my favorite part of the whole parade:
I'm pretty sure this was the real one.

It was an unforgettable experience !

After the parade, we took a stroll through Central Park...

I love this next picture. Cache was a little obsessive about Dakota, and Dakota was really nice to him all week. Cache had to sit wherever Dakota sat, sleep where he slept and do what he was doing...

Central Park is GORGEOUS. Really, movies don't do it any justice. I could have taken pictures all. day. long.

Then we went and visited the giant toy store FAO Schwarts... That was incredible. Every child's dream.

We walked down 5th avenue. I really want to go back and shop the streets there.
Then we walked by the temple. So cool.

I took a picture of Julliard for you Ash.

After lunch we took the Stanton island ferry, to see the Statue of Liberty. Very cool.

Cool "pirate ship" Devin and Cache loved.

Cache was looking forward to seeing the Statue of Liberty, and was very excited. Thus displaying his new wierd/cute smile.

On the way back, we figured out we could go out on the deck. Luckily no one else on the ferry did and Devin and I enjoyed a beautiful warm ride looking at the Brooklyn Bridge and city lights. Gorgeous and Romantic. If only I knew how to use my camera and take night pictures...

Here is Uncle Cameron with Dakota, Cassidy and sweet Kadyn and Lady Liberty. We were so lucky to have him as our driver, tour guide and company. Thanks to his skills we made it through the city in record time, never paid for parking (or parking tickets) And Cache was lucky enough to sit on his shoulders for much of the parade. Angie stayed home with baby Kelsie. She was a bit sick and doesn't like crowds.(Kelsie not Angie)

We had our Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. And by the end of the week, Kelsie even let me hold her without screaming. Worthy of a picture! I let her play/eat newspaper...that was my trick. I really didn't' know she was eating it.. I thought she just liked me.

True to Naomi, she LOVED the dog and tried to follow it everywhere. She only tried to follow him in here once.
She learned her lesson. Silly Nay.

After thanksgiving dinner, we welcomed in Christmas by making Ginger bread houses.
So Fun.

I took some family pictures that will come later after I edit them. But we did have such an unforgettable Thanksgving/first trip to New York City. I can see why people fall in love with that city. I can't wait to go back someday! Really. Hopefully at Christmas again. I guess you could say I only got a small bite of the big apple and I need a bigger bite. :) We watched the parade on TIVO when we got back home and as we were watching the Rockettes do their thing(I love the rockettes), Cache was watching them kick in a circle and his only comment was: "It's really hard to walk sideways."

I heart NYC.

{Thank you Acors for such a grand time. It really was the best.}


Crystal and Billy said...

How fun! I've never been to New York. That's on my to-do list.

Cam and Mary said...

That would be so fun! I grew up going to the Rose Parade. They are so much better in person! I love all of your pictures. You don't give yourself enough credit!

Cher said...

OH, so fun. I love all of your pictures. YOU look absolutely gorgeous, cousin. I'm glad you guys went! There is so much to see in NY, I wish that I would have relished it a little more than I did:) Love ya. Your pictures are amazing, still wishing that you could take our pictures:)

Chong said...

Wow!! That looks like a lot of fun! I did the New York trip back in 8th grade (like Devin), but like I appreciated it the way I should have. You guys made it look stinkin awesome.

Kara and Chant said...

Wow, what an amazing trip! I went to NYC my senior year in high school and I want to go back too. So glad you had fun. You are an amazing photographer!

Kara and Chant said...

Wow, what an amazing trip! I went to NYC my senior year in high school and I want to go back too. So glad you had fun. You are an amazing photographer!

Kara and Chant said...

Wow, what an amazing trip! I went to NYC my senior year in high school and I want to go back too. So glad you had fun. You are an amazing photographer!

Kara and Chant said...

Wow, sorry. My computer was being retarded and wouldn't post it and then it did 3 times. Don't you feel lucky to see my pic 3 times, well 4 now.

KevandChels said...

We were there too! I think you got better pictures. Can I borrow yours of Santa? Jillian would love them. She was SOOO excited when he finally got there! my email address is What a good idea to eat the next day. Wish we'd thought of that:)

Michelle K. said...

Wow, you guys really are the adventurers! And of course you got some amazing pictures so that you will always remember what a cool experience that was.

Tait said...

What a wonderful experience. Those are the best trips..long road trips and just site seeing.

MegRich said...

What a great trip! I love all your pictures Amie. You're so talented!

Zana said...

thanks for the front row seats without all the effort of traveling & being cold! You guys really know how to live it up & your pics inspire me to make more travel plans for 2010, weren't our cars supposed to fly by now?

Lacey said...

I love (insert heart) NY! What a fun trip with fun people. Ryan's dad's goal is to be the santa in the Macy's day parade. We won't hold our breath on that one. I have to say my favorite picture is the one of Naomi in the dog kennel...I can almost hear her, that picture is so real! Love it all!

Mindy said...

Awesome, Awesome!! All of it! So glad you had such an awesome time. I have only been to NYC once and need to get back sometime.

Unknown said...

We're trying to watch the 1st presidency devotional but no one was interested so we are looking at pics of Cache while LISTENING to it.

We remember Shrek - would've been cool if we had seen Cache across the street but from tv its hard to see the people!

Looks awesome!

Unknown said...

So fun! I LOVE NYC! It is one of my favoritest places I've lived! But I never did see the Parade there. What a fun trip for you!

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

You guys squeezed SO much in!! It was SO fun to see you two. I wish we could have planned more time running around the city with you! I love you guys, thanks for the FUN post!