Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Dearest Devin,
Happy 27th Birthday. Geez, FINALLY thanks for catching up to me! I've been getting tired of hanging out with a baby the last couple months. ;)
I want to write about the million things I appreciate about you. But, this will have to wait since the I have to go start your cheescake. I think this is okay with you. So for now, read
this. But first I have a picture story of the birthday Boy.

I love this picture, because to me it says exactly who Devin is:

This Picture was taken right after I had insisted that our gutters were leaking on our house. Devin told me: "Actually I don't think we even HAVE gutters Amie." At 11:00 at night in the FREEZING POURING rain, Devin absolutely did not want to go outside. We were warm and already in our room on our way to bed. "What? That is ridiculous, every house has gutters!" Was my response, and I insisted that they were leaking. KNOWING that he would stop me and do it himself, I dressed and headed outside to wrestle his big ladder out of the shed.

Devin rolls out of bed, bundles up, digs through the back of his closet for his boots because our yard was literally a swamp, wrestles his giant slippery ladder out of the shed. Only to find out:

INDEED, we do not have any gutters.

And my love for Devin increased 1000 fold, by the way he reacted to me. Infact after he got down, he gave me giant soaking wet hug and laughed and laughed right from his gut.

Then I told him like I do often: "Devin, you are my favorite person that has ever lived."

I love love love love LOVE, this man. I will forever cry when I think about you checking our gutters that we didn't have. And that is just the kind of man you are Devin. You don't even realize what a diamond in the rough you are.

Happy Birthday to my most loved Husband.
*now you can go here and read about the other reasons you are loved devin.


Crystal and Billy said...

Happy Birthday, Devin! I'm only 6 months behind you.

Cindy Spratling said...

Um, Devin is way nicer than me. I probably would have let Cindy go out there. Actually, I wouldn't let her go out, but I probably wouldn't have been as cheery about it as Devin. What a stud.


natalie spratling said...

In honor of your birthday we had crepes...don't even know if you like them but we had them just the same - it being December 1. Happy birthday Devin so glad you are a part of our family. Birthday wishes from Montana.

Chong said...

Man, we are getting old!! Happy birthday Devin

Michelle K. said...

That is so funny! Happy Birthday! December birthdays are the best! Go Sagittarius!

Dave & Colette said...

Happy Birthday Devin! You are the man!
Love You!

Kasia, Jared, Wrigley, Kobi said...

You are so Lucky Amie. All joking aside, Devin is truly one of the finest human beings i have ever met. There are very few people i know who, when i am around them, you just feel great. They make you feel, and subsequently, WANT to be, and do better in life. They make it easy to be good when you are around them. And they seem to do it so effortlessly? WHich, in a world like we live in now, is a priceless trait to have. I'm sorry we never won the intramural soccer championship :( But happy birthday Devin!! I love being 27!

MegRich said...

Man- what a champ! You sure picked a good one Amie- you guys are just perfect for each other. Hope Devin had a happy birthday!