Monday, October 26, 2009

Snuggi you got nothin on this:

We Need Help.
From YOU.
Here's the situation:I just found out that our ward(church) Halloween Party is Mañana night. In typical Devin and Amie style, we figure out our costume the day of. We don't know what we are going to be yet, but we do know ONE thing for sure: Whatever it is it is going to include this lovely piece:

so have any ideas for us?
What does Devin look like and what can I dress up as to compliment this lovely ensemble?
Ideas so far to help trigger your brain stormin:
1)giant piece of BIG RED gum: good but goes with...?
2) whoopi cushion, but again goes with...?
3)Flying squirrel. Devin's favorite, but a red squirrel? And again I would go as...?
4) A warm fuzzy(my personal favorite so far)
Here is a pic of Devin demonstrating being a warm fuzzy:
5)a pool of blood, and I could go as a knife? nah.. gross
6)ketchup and somehow I could be mustard.
None of these ideas are stickin.
Whatya think?
We need your help!


Spencer and Karli said...

He could be a red otter pop. You could go as a different flavor - a female flavor. You know how they have the characters on the package of the otter pops with names that match the flavors.
Also if he wants to be a squirrel you could be a tree or acorn or something like that. Just some ideas. I love your blog by the way girl! You take such cute pictures and do such a great job with your blog. It's super cute.

Cindy Spratling said...

That thing is sweet! Where did you get it? It looks like a walking sleeping bag. You could be a tent or a pillow or something. Or maybe it looks like a hot tamale (the candy). If you had another one you guys could be thing 1 and thing 2 (Dr. Suess). Cindy said it looks like a tongue. You could be a tooth. Ha ha!


Cindy Spratling said...
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Cindy Spratling said...

I like the whoopi cushion idea. You could just sit on him and he would make ferrrp noises.


Amie Orton said...

i know i seriously wish they had two of these at goodwill! like a green one, then we could have all kinds of options.

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

I like the ketchup idea. Devin needs to make a hat that looks like the top of a ketchup bottle (maybe out of cardboard) and then you need to go as a hot dog, fries, hamburger, or mustard like you said. Maybe you could get a big piece of cardboard and make a big thing of McDonalds fries with holes for your face and hands. I think the funniest thing would be to be a hotdog, but I really don't know how you would do that. I'll let you know if I get any ideas! He kinda looks like a red pepper too, just missing his stem. Ha ha!

natalie spratling said...

No more new ideas, I like the fries sarah said. good luck. I just love the pictures of Devin dressed up in that.

Cher said...

I can't wait to find out what you guys were!!!

Zana said...

We are patiently waiting for the end result. By the way your email cracked me up!

Michelle Rossell said...

amie my mom bought my sister and i that same exact thing in bright blue. my sister used it to be violet from charlie and the chocolate factory when she turns into the blueberry. she was huge and hilarious. i'm excited to see what you chose :)

Mardee Rae said...

Oh, gosh, I'm so sad I missed this, and now I can't wait to find out what you did with it...
Hmmm, maybe he should have just been "awkward". ;)
Well, I know you've got some great halloween posting coming up. I'll be watching!
And I loved your post about the haunted house! It makes me think I should do a reminiscent post about all the hard ways Spencer has learned that I also do NOT like to be scared.
It was a great post. I could totally imagine you yelling at some chainsaw hacker to back off.