Sunday, October 4, 2009

General Conference!

Every 6 months we gather as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for General Conference. From the USA, to mexico, Africa to Japan to Tahiti, you get the picture, EVERYWHERE we all gather and listen, watch via satellite, internet, t.v. ect. and listen to our Prophets voice and many other leaders speak.
It is the two MOST edifying time of the year.
The talks always pierce me to the heart. just what I needed to hear.
Another fun part, I must admit, as that I get to attend church in Jammies!
Get up, make some pancakes, hang out with the
fam until the Mormon Tabernacle Choir fills the family room with their beautiful music, then we
all gather around the t.v.
MAN, the talks are just so good, inspiring, full of truth.
The children are just perfectly reverent and behaved also. ;) We made some popcorn and I told the kids they could eat in on the carpet if they were really careful not to leave any crumbs, because I just vaccumed.
They did a perfect job. As always:
My friend and I were talking about family conference traditions and reminiscing on
what ours were as kids. My Grandma would put a quilt on and we grandkids would lay blankets underneath and watch conference from there. She told us were were just like the Nephites in olden times when they pitched their tents and all gathered to listen to King Benjamin the prophet in their day. That was so fun Grandma!
In Devin and I's little family now, we really don't have any set traditions yet.
I'm pretty sure popcorn won't be one though.
What were your conference traditions?
What was your Favorite talk this session?


Cher said...

I love this picture, it is hilarious! An awesome moment to capture on film:) I loved conference as well, so inspirational, spritual, positive, uplifting, revelational, etc etc!!! Love you.

KevandChels said...

haha! we always went to the chapel and had picnics with frog eye salad and whatever else but always frog eyes. we watched at home this year cause it's just easier with teeny kids! my mom said she, my dad and sister were the only ones at the ward besides the missionaries this year. ha. that's a fun idea with the blanket and king benjamin. we might be using it.

Cindy Spratling said...

I don't know if I have one favorite talk, but I was really impressed by Elder Holland's talk about the Book of Mormon. He was like a pit bull up there! He even has jowels like a pit bull. It was great because he was so passionate about it. I wish every nay sayer could hear his talk today.


Hanna said...

I couldn't sleep so I figured, "Why not answer the questions."

My mom used to make a ton of delicious desserts, but they were just motivation to listen and take notes on the talks because we had to answer questions about conference before we were allowed to eat any. And sometimes they were tricky ones.

I really liked Elder Holland's as well...and Elder Eyrings...and, well, I could go on...

Kara and Chant said...

My family didn't really watch Conference when I was growing up and I actually didn't really watch it until I went to college. I love Conference too! I am still trying to figure out what our traditions will be as well. I am so sad we missed Conference this year and I cannot wait until the Ensign comes out so that I can read the talks.

Oh, BTW I love your playlist! And, I am a total retard and I forgot my camera! I am awaiting pictures from my family. I was so mad at myself. Oh well. Yes, we need to take a walk and play. SOunds good to me!

Unknown said...

I too loved conference! I have to agree in saying I LOVED Elder Holland's talk about the Book of Mormon. He was so bold and really gave a heart-felt testimony of the things he knows to be true. I also noticed a theme about love from the first presidency. That no matter who or what, that as memebers we need to be a shining example of the Savior's love.
I can't really think of any family traditions besides the fact that we just always watched. I guess that's a pretty good example to follow.

The Stronks Family said...

I loved conference too! How do you pick just one talk when they were all so good. I would have to say that my favorite talks were the one That Bednard gave and President Monson about love and " Have we done any good in the world today." I always walk away so up lifted and with such a strong desire to make those necessary changes in life. I am ready for April!