Monday, October 12, 2009


Not perfect pictures,, BUT t'was a perfect fall day!
I love Fall.
It is the season when these two pumpkins came into my life.
I got to bring them both home from the hospital on a warm fall day.
It was a jjjjjuuuust little magical.
A perfect first welcome home.
{i had my iso turned all the way up on accident. I'm just proud of my self for knowing(sorta) what iso is now!}
There is nobody on the entire planet earth as that is more excited
for their birthday as this little boy.
It's not possible.
We haven't figured out Halloween costumes yet. He isn't as adimate as last year, (thank heavens!)
But this week, he wants to be "Mr. Smee" from Peter Pan.
We'll see. I think he would be an adorable Smee. (We pronounce it Shmeee around here.)
I asked Cache to hold her hand for the picture and I clicked it right
before Nay started bustin out some attitude, thinkin Cache was trying to get her to do something...
She will take No Bossin around.
But she quickly decided, that this was fun.
And per request of our beloved Cindy who is never satisfied with my blog:) I had a birthday:
The End.
More Autumn pictures (and Devin pictures Cindy) to come, that are hopefully less grainy.


Hetal Patel-White&Brandon White said...

I love all your updates, and pictures. The kids are growing so fast. I remember when you were pregnant with your little princess. You look amazing. I hope all is well with you and Your hubby. Tell him hi for us. And we miss you guys.

shelly said...

Fall has become my favorite, too, for the same reason! What are the candles in? Is this a diet b-day celebration? As always, the pictures are adorable!!

Cindy Spratling said...

Shank you berry much. Love Naomi's owl shirt and cute shoes! And... Cache is so Spratling! He is looking more and more like your dad and brothers as he gets older. What a stud! Love you guys!

Amie Orton said...

yes shelly, that is um candles in hummus. for fear of being judged, I hoped nobody would notice. I was sugar free (among many other things like dairy ect) for 3 weeks. It just happened to fall on my birthday. I didn't even miss my cake.

Cher said...

I was trying to figure out what your birthday cake and candles were! You are so much better than me. The other day Jocey asked me, "Mom, can I have some of that stuff that makes you stay awake?" (she meant nutella) yes, i only get a few hours of sleep at night so I eat to stay awake. So healthy:) I am mad at myself that I didn't call you on your birthday. I hope it was a good one. Cache looks so cute as he is hugging you. Anyway, I love all of your pictures, wish you could take some of my kids:) Hope all is well.

Love ya.

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

I don't know what iso is, but I think your pictures look really pretty.

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Hey Amers,
Yesterday I STARED at your latest pictures of Cache for about 5 minutes and then went back through older posts to see him when he was little. I just kept thinking about how I’m going to have little boy soon, and trying to imagine how much I’m going to love him. I love Cache so much, but I know there’s no way to understand the love for your own baby until you actually meet them. I almost cried while looking at your blog. I’m sure the sweet song playing didn’t help, but I’ve noticed I’ve been a little more emotional recently. Emotional in a good way : ). Cache and Sam are really the only little boys that I got to be around a lot while they were babies, so those two boys have a really special place in my heart. Nick talked to my stomach last night for a little while before we fell asleep, and I laid there for a few minutes wondering what Danny is going to look like. Boy I can’t wait.