Monday, January 26, 2009


hi Devin! here is some pictures of us sledding
last night. For some reason, all day long we will
watch the snow fall and think: "We should go sledding." And we
just never do. But then night comes and
we are like:"Hey the days almost over let's go sledding!" And thus night sledding
seems to have been a common thing. I have way more memories of sledding
at night than I do during the day.
Ya, just one of many things that we
do backwards around my parents house for
with no explanation. ANYWAY, we got an awesome trail
going down the driveway that was supa fast. Too fast
for Cache. so that's fast. Casey the crazy snow dog,
kept running in front and then stop and watch as you
uncontrollably came at her and every time knock her legs out from
under her. A couple times she landed right on my back.
She is so crazy. In fact her craziness almost cost her
life this weekend, but that is a story for another time. Maybe I'll
do a post about my little brother Sam and his dogs sometime.


I have have loved spending time with my two little brother's since being home. Sam and Joey are so nice to Cache and really great with Naomi. Sam is learning what it's like to have a younger sibling that wants to follow you around 24/7 , sometimes even to the bathroom. Sam is such a neat boy. He just really wants to do what is right. He has a great heart and goes about life calm and steady. He is very responsible for an 11 year old and takes awesome care of his dogs. When I'm making dinner or anything, he will come up and asks me: "Amie is there something I can do to help you?" And even if he doesn't ask me, and I need him to do anything, I'll ask and he will literally jump up and do it. This I know is truly unique, because I didn't do this, nor do I do this NOW.
What a special boy he is.
Joey is bigger than me,(way bigger)so cute, and it's fun to start thinking of him and talking to him as a friend and not a little brother. You just can't help but love Joey! He has a super funny sense of humor and makes me laugh just by hearing him laugh. I'm so glad I got to spend some quality time with them and I'm trying really hard not to be the bossy big sister, but sometimes I just can't help it, I need to Boss and let's face it they need some bossin around to get their keesters movin!
Now that I've talked about them, i'm feeling a lot of love for them,
and when I love something, well.... i take pictures of it!
So that's what I'm going to do tomorrow. They don't even know what's coming at em. Crazy picture big sister could get even worse than crazy picture mom. :)


natalie spratling said...

What a sweet tribute about your brothers. It is so great that you were able to be home in Oregon for awhile. Love the snow photos.

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Night sledding is the best! Do you remeber night swimming in the Helix pool that used to seem like such a HUGE pool when we were little? Good memories : )