Monday, January 19, 2009


Devin's brother Dylan and his family came to Oregon for the weekend, so we headed over the mountain to spend some quality time with cousins Taivan and Noah. Oh i mean Luke Skywalker and Qui gon Gin(spelling?) They had a grand time.

Grandma and Grandpa Orton are so nice to wake up
early with the boys so that the parents can
try and sleep in. I do mean TRY because upstairs grandpa was
playing human punching bag and the floors are a bit thin.
oh these boys love their Grandpa!
In effort to help the boys understand the principle of keeping the Sabbath day Holy, light sabers, star wars or fighting of any kind or band on Sundays at grandma's house. The boys had a hard time not playing with the light sabers, so we hid them in the closets, but I bet you didn't know that all little boys are born with built in pistols AND light sabers right in their hand. Now how do you take that away? Well by Monday morning these little boys were more than anxious to get their real light sabers back and made good use of their time with them..

I was also educated this weekend. These are the lessons that my nephews taught me:
1. Where every smoke alarm is in grandma and grandpa's house is located(Noah has developed a phobia of alarms and Taivin loves to torment him and point out all alarms on the ceilings.) Sound like brothers?
2. Who Qui Gon Gin is and that his is on episode FREE(three) of the stars wars trilogy.
3. Apparently the sentence "grandpa is in Baker" is the funniest sentence on the face of the planet.
** we miss you devin

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