Thursday, July 31, 2008

More backyard Fun

We are so lucky to have some really good neighbors. Which is really a good thing, considering how close all of our houses are(about 15ft apart) and no fences allowed! They love Cache and to say the VERY least Cache LOOOVES them. They knock on the door almost every warm evening asking for Cache to play. Cache almost hyperventilates trying to get his sandals on to go play with them. They are soo good with him. Also I added in a picture of my most recent garage sale purchase. The best $3 I think I've ever spent, thus far in my life. Devin took these pictures.. I love them.




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Ben said...

Cache is a STUD!

Cher said...

$3, I'll buy it from you for $50! What a steal, I bet Cache loves it. How fun to have such fun neighbors, Cache probably thinks he is just like them (or as big as them) He is awesome, catching with a mit..hitting a ball! He's so cute.

natalie spratling said...

love the pictures! Cache is so cute and as Ben said he is stud. You are quite the garage sale shopper. What a find! Hope you are feeling good and all is well. Love you guys.